Thanks for coming to Roald Dahl’s birthday party

Thanks to Denise for organising a successful birthday party for Roald Dahl, with chocolate decorating (and eating) activities. We had a crowd lining up for a seat in order to decorate and eat their chocolate. So many talented chocolate artists!



























Happy Birthday, Roald Dahl!


Take a trip down memory lane by revisiting Roald Dahl’s stories by decade.






Slam Poetry is alive and well at MHS

Last month Year 9 English classes gathered in Memorial Hall to support and barrack for their class teams in an entertaining competition for the opportunity to perform in the Melbourne Writers’ Festival Out Loud Poetry Slam Competition.

Dynamic duo, Alex Shang and Jian Lam of 9F gave a stirring performance of The Black Dog and were chosen to represent Melbourne High. Two weeks later semi-finals were held in the State Library with teams from 14 Victorian schools.
Competition was hot and only five teams could be selected for the MWF finals.
Slam poet and organiser of the contest, Emilie Zoe Baker remarked that this was the best prepared MHS team ever.


Special thanks to 9F English teacher, Mrs Hamilton and Performance Coach, Ms Brownhill and congratulations to all Year 9 English teachers for creating such a fun and lively competition across the year level.

edge1           edge2

9F students enjoyed their class reward – yesterday’s visit to the Out Loud Finals at Deakin Edge in Federation Square





Year 11 Psychology students conduct an original research investigation into attitudes

Year 11 Psychology students have designed and conducted an original research investigation into attitudes. This assignment also required students to analyse data and critically evaluate the results. They have presented their findings as scientific posters, which have been on public display at the MHS library since 17/08/16. (Teacher: Sam Crocket)

Here is an example of work by Jacob Yap:

Youth and Parental Attitudes Towards the Use of Social Media by Jacob Yap 11H






Below is a link to Jacob’s research assignment:

Jacob Yap Pychology poster

Some other examples:

James Dinh 11H : Analysis of the effect of one’s perception about the cause of homeless on their attitudes towards the homeless

Jathin Patil 11PY01 Attitudes towards gender stereotypes on career pathways (1) : Attitudes towards gender stereotypes on career pathways.

Jonathan tan Principled propaganda Poster: The effect of charity promotions on the public’s attitude towards donating.

Psych Poster_DavidNguyen_11PY001: The influence of titles on observers’ attitudes towards features in a video.

Tim Koh Attitudes Project Poster- Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Attitudes Towards Asylum Seekers and Refugees Based on Immigrant Generations.

Some of the other research topics:

Investigation on the effect of gender on peer pressure – Charith Jayawardana

The effect of gender on attitudes towards rugby – Dominic Guo

An investigation of attitudes towards compulsory school uniform in male and female adolescence – Ben Yu

The influence of titles on observers’ attitudes towards features in a video – David Nguyen

The effect of formality of clothing on the likelihood of taking a flyer – Ashwin Muraleetharan

The effect of headlines on attitudes – Simon Zhang

Attitudes towards profanity – Wesley Lee

An investigation into attitudes towards politics based on gender – Charles Salzman-Bye

The effect of gender on attitudes towards fast food – Alec Yu

Attitudes towards underage drinking – Sean Bennie and Harry Popple

Attitudes towards learning a second language – John Ye

Effects of Cadet membership on attitudes to war veterans and memorials – Shannon Allas-Scott

Attitudes of age towards voting for a political party – Shlok Thakur

The affect of gender on attitudes towards homework – Hitesh Arumalla


These research posters will be displayed in the library for a bit longer so come up and have a look. Students are learning important research skills which prepare them for academic work at the tertiary level.




Stepping out of a book. The library comes alive with story characters #bookweek

What a great way to finish a fantastic week! Thank you to all the students and teachers who made an effort to dress up as a literary character. There was so much colour and creativity in the library on Friday. My vote for the most original goes to Mr Richard Edge who dressed as Mr Blair Mahoney (of ‘Poetry Remastered’ and ‘Poetry Reloaded’ fame). Thanks to Mr Marcus Sharp for judging the costumes. The library came to life in the most enjoyable way. We look forward to next year when more literary characters will step out of a book and into our library.

How many characters and corresponding books can you guess?

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From There to Here

MHS old boy Jon Faine returned to the school on Tuesday to talk to the Year 10 students. He doesn’t generally give school talks anymore but made an exception for us.

Jon Faine 1

He focused mainly on his travel memoir From Here to There, co-written with his son Jack, which relates the story of their drive from Melbourne to London.

Jon Faine 2

Jon kept the students transfixed with tales of his adventure and they had plenty of questions about it at the end. He also talked about his time at the school and his subsequent career as a lawyer and in radio broadcasting. A key message he had for the students was not to be too narrowly focused in their studies and to recognise the importance of telling a story no matter what profession they are planning to go into.

– Mr Blair Mahoney

The story continues….. On 774 ABC Melbourne the morning following his visit, Jon recounted his visit to MHS. We’d presented him with a book on English industrial history as he’d been the last borrower of this volume in 1974. He also recounted visiting his Vietnamese mechanic on the way home. The mechanic told him his son had attended Jon’s talk. The next generation of diverse students continue to attend MHS.

Thank you Jon for returning to MHS and sharing your story, and to Blair for organising our Literature Festival guest speakers. They provided us with wonderful insight into the literary world.


Behind the mike – Mr Mahoney interviews Lucy Treloar and Tony Birch #BookWeek

As part of Book Week this year, we had novelists Lucy Treloar and Tony Birch visit to talk to the Year 11s. Tony made the long list for this year’s Miles Franklin Award for his new novel Ghost River and Lucy is the on the shortlist for her debut novel, Salt Creek, with the winner announced on Friday. Tony made the shortlist with his previous novel, Blood.
When asked about the importance of prizes Lucy said she was a bit conflicted and tried not to attach too much importance to them, saying the winner was often a bit of a lottery. Tony, who pointed out he had been on shortlists for eight different prizes, agreed, saying he thought novels that were far superior sometimes weren’t even nominated for prizes.

Both writers talked about their paths to becoming writers, which took some time, with both raising families and working in other jobs before publishing their first works. The students were interested in Tony’s account of being expelled from two different schools and finishing his education at night school years later before going on to complete a PhD and becoming an academic.

They discussed the importance of telling the stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australian fiction and Lucy talked about her concern to get that right in Salt Creek in particular. Tony is of Koori heritage himself and says he often thinks of characters as Aboriginal but doesn’t necessarily identify them as such in his novels.

Both writers were engaging and generous with their replies, giving the students plenty to think about.

– Mr Blair Mahoney