The library is full of words and they don’t all live inside books

Words tell a story. You’re thinking about stories in books, aren’t you? What about the words that are free-floating – on walls, shelves, boxes? Some have been created recently while others have lived in the library longer than the current library staff. Many of these are forgotten, invisible – not worthy even of a fleeting glance. All tell a story we are too busy to notice.

Awaiting. Sense the anticipation experienced by the inanimate objects.

Not working.

“Entertains with a friendly personality”.

The popular whiteboard with renewable problem solving attracts thinking and small crowds.

Ah yes, IBM…

Very scary.

How old is this radio?

The library is like a rock pool. You need to bend down and peer in, stay there for a while to see everything. The library is a time capsule where people and objects live together harmoniously, blending past and present.

Who said pink was not for boys? Pink Stumps Day @mhs

It’s Pink Stumps Day so the school is dotted with pink. We like to do our bit in the library.

Of all the library team, Denise Beanland is most committed to supporting causes.

We enlisted the help of our students to blow up pink balloons.

Balloon blowing is a technique that is not for the faint-hearted and must be approached systematically with the appropriate mix of attack and control.

Be sure to take in enough breath to fill your lungs.

Then proceed to blow into the balloon with gusto. (Notice how the chess players remain completely oblivious to everything around them.)

At this point you should be careful to inspect your balloon to assess progress. Mmm… perhaps we’re not there yet.

This time blow with increased force and don’t let go of the balloon. Be careful not to expend all your breath – you will need this for the last leg. Don’t be a hero.

And now, at last, give it your best blast! Make sure you reach full cheek capacity.

We encourage students to get involved and we don’t judge them on dressing up to support a good cause.(Although I wonder what is Denise thinking.)

Pink balloon blowing deserves a pink cupcake or two.

If you are having trouble with the balloon blowing technique, you should watch the WikiHow video tutorials. Practice makes perfect!

Happy Pink Stumps Day!!

SRC election time – posters with attitude

The school is currently plastered with creative and quirky posters created by students promoting themselves for the coveted SRC leadership for each level across 9-12. Leadership is a word and behaviour practised well at Melbourne High School. Here is a taste of what you would see if you walked through the corridors of the school. Enjoy!

The library’s in the bag!

After thinking about how we could promote the library to staff on the first day of our 2015 school year, we decided to greet them with a show bag of library goodies. We wanted to remind staff about existing services and also highlight new features of our contemporary library.

Inspired by The Unquiet Librarian’s goody bags, we set about compiling a MHS version. We contacted suppliers, designed informational postcards, created coffee vouchers, bought lollies and began compiling 130 lunchbags! Bags Bag contents We were very appreciative of our freebies, ClickView pens,Trove bookmarks and AustLit fliers. I created a postcard that promoted what the library can do as well as advertising our libguides, facebook and twitter accounts. Postcard A second postcard promoted the responsibilities of each library staff member. Added to the bags was a coffee voucher redeemable in the Library, nougat and raffle ticket. Two bottles of wine up for grabs meant everyone delved into their bags for their raffle ticket. Wine 1 To top it off, Tom Gauld, a cartoonist and illustrator from London, granted us permission to use his incredible illustration ‘Library’ on the front of our bags. We were thrilled! Bag front We had great fun creating the bags, making them something that reflected us. It seems that staff appreciated the personal touch, as we’ve had positive feedback, with one staff member commenting that she felt it came from the heart’. There has also been a noticeable shift in the way staff connect with us.

Co-curricular groups Expo – We are much more than marks


Monty and Gregor encouraging students to join the Book Club

Melbourne High School’s motto, “More than just marks”, is no mere claim. This week the energy of student-run (and teacher-coordinated) co-curricular groups was evident at the Expo which saw our year 9 students sign up for the clubs of their choice. MHS students are spoiled for choice with interests ranging widely from the ever popular ‘Fun with food & Indo Club’ to the spectacular ‘Breakdance group – Soul Power’. If you’re not interested in joining the Economics group, you might prefer to play with seasoned Scrabblers. We have clubs for the creative, kinaesthetic, political, philosophical, environmental, literary or just hungry students.

unnamed (1)

Co-curricular involvement is fun but taken very seriously. The clubs encourage peer involvement across all year levels, peer learning, student leadership, student initiative and offer a constructive way for socialising and informal learning. These are just some of the clubs running this year. Not listed are music and cadet-related groups, and some others.

unnamed (2)

Captain, co-captain and executive: Zac, Will and Victor (Writing club)

  1. Book Club
  2. Business Club
  3. Breakdance (Soul Power)
  4. Chess Club
  5. Competition Writing
  6. Cross-Country Skiing
  7. Cycling
  8. Economics Club
  9. Environmental Action Group
  10. Film Crew
  11. Fitness and Health
  12. Fun with Food
  13. Global Issues Education
  14. Habitat for Humanity
  15. Heritage Club
  16. Indonesian Club
  17. Jew Crew
  18. Library Assistant
  19. Mathletes
  20. Maths Extension
  21. MHS Vehicles
  22. Outdoor Education
  23. Peace in the Middle East
  24. Philosophy Society
  25. Photography and Unicorn Publication Group
  26. Political Interest Group
  27. Public Speaking
  28. Reptiles, Amphibians & Fish
  29. Rugby
  30. Science Club
  31. Scrabble Club
  32. Snow Sports
  33. SOFA – the MHS Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
  34. Strategy Group
  35. Student IT Support Team
  36. Students Alive
  37. Student Wellbeing Action Group (SWAG)
  38. Theatre Sports

More groups:

  1. Baka Anime
  2. Bridge Club – Connecting People Like You
  3. Food Interest Group (FIG)
  4. Japanese Club
  5. Latin Club
  6. Liberty in North Korea
  7. PC Gaming Alliance
  8. Pool and Snooker Club
  9. Scaled Model Club
  10. S.H.E (Single-Handed Equality)

unnamed (4)

Breakdance – Soul Power

In the library we coordinate 3 groups: Library Monitors, Book Club and Competition Writing (with the aim of developing a writing community, both local and global).

I’m positive that our year 9s will find a home in these mini communities, and will remember these experiences fondly long after graduating.

unnamed (7)

unnamed (6)

Scrabble Club

unnamed (3)

Economics Club looked serious but was extremely popular

100 great novels by living authors (and more) – 3 lists compiled by Blair Mahoney

Hello there. I hope you’ve been enjoying the freedom of the Summer holidays. I definitely have and so this blog has been dormant for quite some time. It’s okay; we all need a break.

So to start off the year I thought I’d share Mr Blair Mahoney’s updated reading lists – looking fantastic in Medium. Just beautiful. And so I give you (drum roll…) : 100 great novels by living authors. Not that you’ll get through that list for a while, but I’m also sharing Mr Mahoney’s 100 great novels by dead authors and 100 great graphic novels.

That should keep you going for a while.

Looking back at our blog for 2014 – it’s been a very good year!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.