We love to dress up as literary characters #bookweek

One of our favourite special days is the traditional ‘Dress up as your favourite literary character’ day. As always we had some wonderfully creative and comical characters. The support from teachers was particularly impressive – thank you for making the effort; you looked fantastic. Students had fun dressing up too and looked great.

In this photo you can see our principal, Mr Jeremy Ludowyke, as a very elegant Hercule Poirot, surrounded by The Invisible Man (Mr Blair Mahoney), Alex DeLarge (Mr Peter Cogo) from A Clockwork Orange, Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones (Ms Anne-Marie Brownhill), Robin Hood (Dr Rami Stiglec) and others.

One of the winners (Robin Hood)

Chopper from One Piece (Sam Bi)

Mr Blair Mahoney as The Invisible Man from the H. G. Wells novel

Sylvia Plath (Ms Kate Crossley) and  (Mr Chris Bush) as  Timothy Conigrave from Holding the Man.

Mrs Sowerberry from Oliver Twist (Steampunk style) and Willy Wonka (Pam Saunders)

Here is Mr Ross Barham about to have his professional development interview in full costume as Pris from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Ms Pelissa Tsilmidos) and Ms Alex Grimwade.

Ms Denise Beanland as the first Mrs Rochester

Alex DeLarge (Mr Peter Cogo) from A Clockwork Orange

Gretel (Ms Libby Briggs) without her brother, Hansel.

Joseph Nguyen as Tin Tin

Carlo Piccolo-Cody as Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes

See you next year!









BookWiz rocked! #booktrivia #photos #bookweek

Our 3rd BookWiz was so much fun. We had a full house including 11 student tables and 2 teacher tables (including student candidates who joined us for the first time!)

I think it’s best to tell this story through photos.

Here are the winners smiling like Cheshire cats, clutching their free burger prizes.

The scores for 3 rounds and names of teams

Jason created an ambience which made people forget they were in school library. Not sure where they were but everyone was very chilled. Thanks, Jason, and thanks also to Mr Curtis Bayliss for accompanying Jason on the keyboard and for being a valued member of the winning team.

And now some general shots of the crowd –

One of the teacher tables

The team of ‘ennui-filled youth’ looking a little more full of confusion than ennui. We hope the game did not disturb their existential displacement.

The Quiz Master, Mr Richard Edge, doing a masterful job and entertaining the masses. German word pronunciation was particularly impressive.

Why bother trying when Mr Blair Mahoney is doing all the work for your team?

Not sure what’s happening here.

What’s the name of that duck again?


Someone’s read the book.

Jason’s excited.

Dr Stiglec is excited.

Mr Mahoney’s feeling blue.

Ms Buckland is amused.

Thank you to everyone who came and ate popcorn and laughed. Thank you to the students who helped us set up, mark papers and tidy up afterwards. Thank you so much to Denise Beanland who organised the event and did most of the leg work (literally; she doesn’t drive. How many kilos of sweets did you drag onto the bus?)

See you all next year!

We are inspired by people who are inspiring – #LiteratureWeek #BookWeek

Yesterday we had Abe Nouk, spoken word poet, speaking to the Year 10 students. Abe kept the students captivated with stories about his life as a Sudanese refugee who found asylum in Australia. He talked about the importance of finding a way to tell your own stories and how his belated efforts to achieve literacy and the discovery of spoken word poetry were an avenue for him to serve the society that has become his home.
On Wednesday, MHS old boy and comedian Nazeem Hussain will be speaking to the Year 11 students. Nazeem has written for his own comedy shows, such as Fear of a Brown Planet (with Aamer Rahman) and the television series Legally Brown.
On Tuesday next week, Indian writer Samhita Arni, author of The Mahabharata – A Child’s View (which she started writing and illustrating when she was just eight), Sita’s Ramayana (with artist Moyna Chitrakar) and The Missing Queen, will be speaking to the Year 9 students.
(Mr Blair Mahoney – organiser of English program for Literature Week)

Abe tells stories from the heart and encourages young people to believe in the value of their stories.

After fleeing South Sudan with his single mother and seven brothers and sisters as refugees, Abe described coming to Australia in 2004 as nothing short of magical. He said only a few years ago he couldn’t read or write a word of English and now he was creating art and connecting with people in ways he never would have imagined. (Source: The Creative Issue)

You can keep in touch with Abe on Twitter – @AbeNouk   His tweets are uplifting, simple messages advocating happiness through humility, gratitude and service to others.

Abe has given his permission to post photos and videos of his talk to our year 10 students. I missed the beginning of his first spoken word poem because he launched into it seamlessly in the middle of his talk.

Books light up our world! Sneak preview of our display for Book Week

Book Week is upon us! Yes, The Children’s Book Council of Australia’s annual Book Week is just a weekend away, and this year the theme is ‘Books light up our world’. They sure do, and we are going to be celebrating all week.

Here’s a sneak preview of what Denise has in store for our library.

MHS gives racism the boot – photos of footy match

This post was written by the organiser of “Give racism the boot”, Lynne Hamilton (Leading Teacher: Curriculum Development).

Many of us were appalled at the lack of respect and prejudice that was handed out to Australian of the Year, Brownlow Medallist and Indigenous role model Adam Goodes recently. The booing that continued for over 17 weeks sparked debate around the country. As a response, MHS staff decided to organise a footy match to stand up against  the bullying and vilification that Adam Goodes received and to celebrate the heritage that Indigenous people represent both past and present. The values of honour, resilience, courage and humility were demonstrated by Goodes and by others such as Lewis Jetta who came out in support of Goode’s right to express his culture publicly and creatively on the football ground. As Michael O’Laughlin a fellow Sydney Swans player and long-time friend of Goodes stated when asked his opinion of the recent harassment ; “Often Indigenous players are fine as long as they are humble and silent.”

It was this attitude that led the school to take action. On Wednesday 19th August Princes Hill Secondary College, Albert Park College and Melbourne High School played in a Lightning Premiership to “Give Racism The Boot!” Around 90 boys, staff and students gathered on the oval where a Welcome To Country was offered by our Year 12 boy Sapphire Watkinson. After some fierce competition MHS won the day. The SRC ran a sausage sizzle and sold 300 sausages, Gregor Campbell entertained the crowd with a humorous and constant commentary and songs of courage, defiance and resistance echoed out over the school.

Victor Fagundes and other Year 10 boys did a very thorough job of time-keeping and scoring. And of course all boys from MHS and the other schools must be thanked and recognised for their willingness to “play the game” and to devote their time to the event.

Thank you to Ryan Xu for the time he spent creating an amazing banner for the day. Luckily we have a photo of this masterpiece! Finally thank you to the House Captains, School Captains and SRC captains for their commitment to the success of the day and readiness to contribute.

Thanks must also be given to:

  • Ross Pritchard – for his enthusiasm, hard work and liaison with the other schools, including his umpiring.
  • Ian Dowling, Paul Keyte and David Veale for their umpiring and coaching.
  • Mihaela Brysha, Brett Rushton and Mike Frencham for their time, artistic input and hard work on the day.
  • Paul Drew for organising the SRC and for buying the 300 sausages, bread, sauce etc.
  • SOFA and Chris Bush for their support of the match.
  • Denise Beanland,Tania Sheko, Catherine Morton and Pam Saunders for the wonderful display of Indigenous culture in the Library.
  • Ben Dwer of Year 12 English Language class for designing the original poster. Well done Ben.
  • All boys from 9-12 who just came along and supported a school event.
  • Alexandra Grimwade for the beautiful cake decorated in Jaffas,  Licorice and Jelly Babies!

  • Olivia Doherty for reorganising the entire MHS Sports programme so that the event could take place. Olivia also managed to get 90 coloured socks donated, including a Sydney Swans Indigenous jumper which will be awarded to the MHS Footy Team at a future assembly.
  • Mike Manteit (Old Boy and rookie for Collingwood) for his inspiring opening speech.

The day was an enormous success and all who attended certainly felt a great sense of solidarity, camaraderie and achievement.

Melbourne High School is a signatory to the national Racism It Stops With Me Coalition which has presently 150 signatories.

Gregor on the left

Old Boy Mike Manteit

The following art work is by Jandamarra Cadd, an Aboriginal artist whose work Lynne Hamilton would like to highlight:

Jandamarra Cadd (b.1973) is a Aboriginal Artist with his origins being the Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Warung People in Victoria. He was introduced to painting at the age of 15 and credits this tool of expression as his survival from a challenging childhood treated as a second class citizen in his own land. Jandamarra uses a variety of styles and mediums, favouring oil on canvas, with his unique blend of traditional aboriginal art techniques along with a contemporary and inventive portraiture.

Painting has been a way of life that has enabled him to express his creativity and story telling  of the universal truth of connection. In many of his paintings of the human condition, he seeks to be a peaceful voice for the oppressed and minorities. His focus is to use portraiture in a way to allow the viewer a glimpse into the depths of humanity and the expansive expression of the individual soul. (Source)

Christine Anu

Mornington Island Dancer



Dan Sultan

Jessica Mauboy

Mick Dodson


Ceremony – Women’s Business


Thank you to Lynne for organising the day which was truly memorable.

Give racism the boot – MHS hosts footy match with inner city schools

Ms Lynne Hamilton announced:
Give Racism The Boot! Footy Match- Wednesday 19th @MHS
Melbourne High School will be hosting an Inner City Schools Lightning Premiership on the MHS oval to make a stand against racism and bullying and to support the right of all Indigenous athletes to play their sport without being subjected to vilification and abuse.  Albert Park College and Princes Hill Secondary College will compete against MHS on Wednesday 19th August  – 2pm-4pm.
 In the library we are doing our bit with displays. The Libguide for contemporary Australian Indigenous artists came in handy. These artists have strong political messages.
Game’s on today! Stay tuned.

Where’s Wally? literally

Some of our students spent a considerable period of time painstakingly putting together our Where’s Wally? puzzle.

But Where’s Wally? Literally. If you have seen the Wally puzzle piece of accidentally picked it up in your sleeve, could you please return him so that said students are able to feel the satisfaction of completing the puzzle.

Thank  you. After all, what is a Where’s Wally puzzle without Wally?