We meet Isobelle Carmody and Alison Goodman!

Thanks to Paul Collins and Ford Street Publishing we hosted the launch of Isobelle Carmody’s Scatterlings. Scatterlings was first published in 1991 and, as you tell from this review, is a much loved book, and now it’s being (re-)launched with a new cover featuring Isobelle’s own daughter. It was awesome to meet Isobelle Carmody and also author Alison Goodman of Eon fame. Alison introduced Isobelle as our ‘national treasure’, reminding us that she has been writing from the age of 14. We could have listened to Isobelle for the rest of the day! It was obvious that MHS students were enthralled by her passionate talk about writing which she did without notes and from the heart. Students had the opportunity to win a prize by imagining a snow dome – since one features in Scatterlings – with the winner choosing a book prize. We were happy to see two old boys (grad. 2011), Ruben and Paolo, come and visit for the event, as well as Acting Assistant Principal, Nick Fairlie, and English teachers Helen Bekos and Lynne Hamilton, Stonnington Library staff and other visitors. Thanks to Monty and Gregor (leaders of our Book Club interest group) for the excellent introduction.

Origami keeps appearing. Mindfulness in the library.

As if by magic origami creations keep appearing in the library. All we do is leave out paper and then paper cranes, flowers or abstract paper things appear. It’s lovely to see students quietly and slowly folding paper amongst the usual bustle and roar of daily library activities. A mindfulness exercise? Definitely.

I happen to know that the rose was made by Truman Wang. What is that you’re making now, Truman?

Meet Isobelle Carmody and Alison Goodman! @MHS library

This is an opportunity not to be missed!!

It is our pleasure to invite you (yes, reader, YOU) to Melbourne High School Library (4th floor if you’re coming up the lift from Chapel St.) for the launch of Isobelle Carmody’s Scatterlings on Friday 19th June, 1-2 pm .

‘For a long time there was silence and endless sleep. Then came a grinding sound – a metallic scream and a dazzling flash of whiteness.’

After the accident, Merlin wakes not knowing who or where she is. Strange voices whisper in her head, but the words mean nothing to Merlin, who cannot even remember her face. Only one thing is certain: this is not her world, though it might once have been.

Yes! Isobelle Carmody will be there in the flesh! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity! And also author Alison Goodman, author of Eona (sequel to Eon)

Books will be for sale ($19.99).

There is a competition to win the authors books, so bring a snow dome to enter. Details on the posters at school. Sadly, lunch will be provided only for guests so bring your own nibbles, MHS boys.


Engaging Young Adults in the library – Outside the Lines Unconference #getotlau

What makes a successful (un)conference? If at the end of the day participants are buzzing with ideas, happy with new connections – add to that a gorgeous location, beautifully designed new library with water views and perfect weather – you have a winning event. Thank you to the organisers of Outside the Lines: Third Biennial Youth Unconference 2015, for such a day.

It is your chance to gain insight into what young adults are interested in, how libraries can support and collaborate with them and how we can broaden our thinking about young people into a more creative, flexible and innovative framework that will take libraries outside the lines.

By participating you will have the opportunity to: Hear first-hand from young people and their experiences with the library and community organisations.

Here is the link to most of my tweets and those of others at the unconference. I think you’ll get a good idea of what the day was about through this Storify and the photos included.

In the afternoon we had a chance to take part in activities such as making zines, playing around with virtual reality and learning about 3D printing. We are keen to start some sort of Makerspace at MHS. Catherine and I loved the zines and would like to try a session at school. I have some photos of the zines displayed but it’s late now so I’ll keep them for another post.

IDAHOT day @MHS. Challenging homophobia and teaching tolerance.

Post by Chris Bush (Teacher of Commerce and English)

Melbourne High School is a member of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria. Our school has pledged to continually look for ways to be more welcoming and accepting of LGBTI staff and students. IDAHOT day is a chance for schools to increase visibility around the existence of homophobia and transphobia – and to challenge it. Crucially at MHS we see IDAHOT as a chance to increase the visibility of acceptance that the overwhelming majority of our staff and students have for people of diverse sexualities and genders. Essentially our boys ‘don’t care’ who you love, they just want people to be happy and healthy. This does not mean that the situation here is perfect. Our school must continue to challenge all forms of homophobia and transphobia even if they are not as apparent or explicit as they are at other schools – we can always find ways to be better and to actively show LGBTI young people that it is okay to be yourself. Our rainbow wall of names is an incredibly bold affirmation of hundreds of individuals who echo this sentiment of acceptance and safety.
“Credit for the rainbow wall to Jenny Mill – Student Wellbeing Coordinator”

Literature Alive comes to MHS

A big thankyou to Stonnington Library for giving our students a chance to workshop with the fabulous Kirsty Murray during their Literature Alive Festival.

“The workshop was an awesome experience, Kirsty Murray taught me so many different, new ways to write that I had never considered before. I had a great time and I am sure that everyone else did as well. The workshop has definitely helped me see new ways to create stories and make them more interesting.” Monty

Loosen up with free writing – don’t let the pen escape the paper

“Kirsty got everyone engaged and in a creative mind-set” Andre

Eye to Eye – close observation is needed for a fresh perspective

Various interpretations

Now for the story…

“It was great to get tips on how to be published from an experienced author” Andre

And sharing…

Luke – a new literary prodigy?

Keen to find a publisher?

Our special thanks to Chelsea Hughes and Lily Merry from Stonnington Library


Students lead co-curricular groups and share expertise – Competition Writing Group

The talent and depth of knowledge amongst the Competition Writing co-curricular group is remarkable. Will Lim, one of the co-captains, spoke to the group today about perspectives in writing. It’s a shame I could only record a section of his talk – more than halfway through.