MANGA Booktalking

Last week Cyber Book Club members and their friends gathered for the last meeting of Term 3 to hear Katherine Pickhaver talk about her passion for Japanese manga.
Katherine is studying Japanese language and Asian Culture, and has done considerable research into Japanese manga as part of her course. She has also been a dedicated manager of the Manga library at Monash University and invited interested boys to join the library and borrow books and resources (brochures available from the Library).

Katherine talked about the background of manga, the variety of styles and formats, including tips on which way how to read them and how to interpret the art. The boys were able to peruse a selection of manga which Katherine had brought from her own collection, and even some Australian-produced manga. They were keen to start reading their own Madman manga sampler given to them on the day.


4 thoughts on “MANGA Booktalking

    • Sure is, Dayle. This was the initiative of one of our teacher librarians, Marie. We have a great team. Thanks for coming in to comment – always greatly appreciated.

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