QReos or edible QR Codes

I had to share this – some very creative people decided to find out if a QR code made of Oreos would still be functional. Over 440 Oreos later and the answer is yes. Read about it here.

Not sure about what QR codes are or what they’re used for, read this article. I found a summary of QR codes with information that was new to me:

QR Codes (“Quick Reference” Codes) are essentially 2-dimensional barcodes. They can contain hundreds of times more data than conventional 1-dimensional barcodes [1]. Initially created for use in the shipping industry, they are gaining popularity for marketing to people with smart-phones. Many consumer-oriented QR codes point users to a website address, although other types of data storage are possible. Generally, users scan the QR Code with a scanning device (for example, the camera on a smart phone), and they are automatically directed to a website or the application specialized to handle the code’s data. The idea is to allow users to avoid the hassle of remembering or manually reproducing long, precise strings of data. Read more on the wiki. This is a very interesting site because it lists many examples of how libraries are using QR codes.

I love Gwyneth Jones’ QR poster. Denise has printed it and I’d like to hang it up in the library. Di and I have been discussing having some with QR codes in our library.

I couldn’t resist embedding this as big as possible.

Of course you will find the most examples of QR codes and their uses on Cybraryman’s website. Looking forward to our own QR code activity.


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