We met Eoin Colfer

On Tuesday Maggie and I had the pleasure of taking a small group of keen students (the reading kind) to meet Eoin Colfer at the Melbourne Convention Centre. What a miserable morning it was!! Greyness, drizzle… who’s idea was this anyway?

This is how the day looked in the early morning as I made my way through Melbourne’s laneways.

It was nice to take refuge inside. While we were waiting, our boys were approached by the crew of ABC3 and a couple of them were interviewed. We’re famous!

Most of our boys were pumped before the event. A couple took advantage of the wait for a power nap.

I’m not sure if anyone knew what to expect with Eoin Colfer, but I imagined he might talk about his plots, characters and such. In fact, he was more of a stand-up comic – entertaining us with stories of his family who were apparently fodder for books. In fact, only at the end of his talk did he overtly advise would-be authors to read, read and read, and to write a little every day, not allowing the little stories which happened every day to slip from memory. According to Eoin Colfer, all the material he needed for his books had come from his family and friends.

The signing was well organised and schools were called out one by one. Meanwhile a duo of talented actors kept everyone in stitches with organised role play and word games.

Leon won a graphic novel by the author for his contribution to one of the games.

It was obvious that the boys really enjoyed meeting their long-time favourite author, Eoin Colfer, and were happy to have him sign their books and new copies purchased for the library. A memorable day for all!

And guess what? When we walked out of the building, the day looked like this –

As you can imagine, Maggie and I were reluctant to leave this idyllic outdoor environment and return to the library – but return we did!


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