Reading Ambassador #2 – Padraig Gilligan

I’m happy to feature our second Reading Ambassador – RA#1 was too shy to be featured online. We’re a little late to the party but the party is still going, so why not? In the spirit of the National Year of Reading 2012, I present to you – Padraig Gilligan.

Thanks to Denise for hunting down the Reading Ambassadors, interviewing them, photographing them and creating the display.

Here’s the interview:

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. It’s a teen romance novel that has some very zany, very relatable characters. It’s set in contemporary America, in a boarding school in Alabama.

Where’s the most unusual place you’ve read a book?

I guess it would be The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade [Warhammer, by Dan Abnett] on a cadet exercise, half underground in a machine gun nest. It was pretty dark, I was in my cadet cams & had cam paint on. I had a mock rifle & just a little head torch to read by. I was in that observation nest for about 10 hours, and my partner & I took turns of 2 hours each on lookout. This was in the Rushworth State Forest near Graytown – it’s used for military training.

Where’s the most enjoyable place that you [have] read?

I really enjoy reading on trains because even if you don’t get a seat, which is sometimes not an option, you have these nice little chronological markers – in the form of the stops & stations that you go through – so you know how long you’ve been reading & how long you have left to read. So I have fun reading on a train & I find that I challenge myself to read a certain number of pages between each stop. I really like reading on trains.

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