Reading Ambassador #6 – Nathan Nguyen #nyor12


What are you reading at the moment?

I’m currently reading The Great Gatsby [F. Scott Fitzgerald] – I still haven’t finished it. I like it a lot because it’s really detailed. I like how the author captures how the society is too obsessed with wealth and status. The character detail is really in-depth & I like how the author develops the personalities. I’ve recently started reading classic literature, previously I’ve mostly read fantasy.


What is your first reading memory?

My first reading memory is at primary school where we had library classes. We had yellow library bags & if we had our yellow bags with us we could borrow, but if we didn’t have them we weren’t allowed to borrow – so that was always fun. When I was in Year 1 my teacher would read to us every afternoon. She would read books like The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. That was the first book I bought for myself. Before I could actually read I remember that my cousins would come over and they liked to read, so they would read to me.


Where’s the most enjoyable place that you read / have read?

In the summer time I like to read outside. At home we have a hammock outside in the back yard under some trees & I would just lie there and read.


Which character has left a lasting impression upon you?

In The Enchanted Wood when the teacher read to us, I really liked the character of Moonface because he was really nice to Fanny and the others, so he’s a book character that I remember.

Thanks to Nathan and Denise for the interview and photo. We look forward to more #nyor interviews; it’s always interesting to peek into people’s reading habits. I think you learn a lot about the person.

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