Reading Ambassador #7 – Michael Tran

Michael TRAN – NYOR12 Ambassador #7

What are you reading at the moment?

Currently I’m  reading Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets [J.K. Rowling] for about the thousandth time (I’ve read them all before). I haven’t had the time to read much recently, so it’s good to pick up a book that I’ve read before (and one that I like) to get back into the reading routine. When I’m able to read more, I prefer the fantasy / adventure genres. In class – for wider reading – we’ve been reading classics. Recently we read The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare – we read it out aloud as a class. I’m also reading Thursday’s Child by Sonya Hartnett.

Where’s the most enjoyable place that you read? 

When I’m reading I like to get into the atmosphere of the book as well, so I like to go to the park to read – somewhere where there’s nature. Otherwise – when the weather’s not so good – I like to read in bed, with a dimly lit lamp, a cup of hot chocolate and my iPod.

Where’s the most unusual place that you’ve ever read a book? 

As I mentioned before, I like to get into the atmosphere of the book that I’m reading, so when I first read Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone I took it to my auntie’s house. She actually has a cupboard under the stairs. So I thought how – in Harry’s perspective  – would he feel, so I went into the cupboard to read a few chapters of the book. I didn’t stay there for much longer though, I couldn’t handle all the dust!

Thanks to Denise for the interview and photo, and a big thank you to Michael for sharing his reading habits with us!


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