Students display talent and creativity

Our talented library monitors (or should that be Library Monitors?) have created a variety of fantastic displays for our library.

Kai & Josh (Year 12, Level 4) created their display based on ‘Fantasy vs Science Fiction’.


Padraig’s board featured Chick Lit (Level 4).


Philip (also Level 4) created a wonderful 3D display on Mythology. Great work!


Great work guys! And thanks to Denise for her guidance and photography.


5 thoughts on “Students display talent and creativity

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  2. Great to see the senior lads leading the way. Valuable example to younger students who sometimes hang back to see just what kind of activities are ‘ok’ to get in to. Nice way for senior students to give back and help make their library the living, evolving intellectual heart of the school.

    Bravo all round.

    • Thanks for the comment, Nick. We’re so lucky to have such a variety of activities and opportunities for leadership, aren’t we? I’ve had a lot of interest from other schools and school libraries. People love to see what students are doing.

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