Playing with book titles – Book spine poetry competition for Library and Information Week

One of the competitions we’ve run for last week’s Library and Information Week has been the Book Spine Poetry competition. I’ve always loved seeing creative examples of this. It’s fun, hands-on and once you start you can’t stop. Only things I have against it is the shelving after the event! (just joking – I don’t shelve, haha).

At first it seemed that nobody could be enticed into the competition. Our boys are so incredibly busy and suffer from major over-involvement. We have so many interest groups at the school that it can be very difficult for our students to do anything extra. Anyway, I was thrilled when Matt Lyons started the ball rolling – thanks, Matt! – and soon a few more boys started playing with books to create spine poetry.

Here are a few of the entries. We will be judging and awarding prizes some time this week.







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