The biggest Biggest Morning Tea at Melbourne High School

I’ve only been at Melbourne High School for almost 2 years, so I can’t judge, but others have said that our Biggest Morning Tea held, as usual, in the library, was the biggest turnout they’d seen. It was so much fun hosting this event, and it’s actually the only day when most of the staff gather in the library, so it’s an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. Of course, it’s all for a very good cause, and money donated goes to the Cancer Council. There isn’t anyone, I don’t think, who hasn’t in some way been touched by cancer, so it was good to see our staff dig deep for the cause, and although we don’t have the final amount raised, Lynette mentioned we might have broken last year’s record. Thanks to Denise for the gorgeous, quirky displays, and for your streamers entrance, and thanks to Pinterest for being such a gold mine of wonderful imagery and quotes. I have a feeling our strategic (and slightly narrower) entrance leading straight to the contributions table might have been responsible for the increase in money collected. All for a good cause!





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