Art project collaboration – Pattern


Collaboration is the recipe for great things. Ingredients: teacher, teacher librarian, students, ideas fusion, online resources.

Year 9 Art students have been working on a rich process to produce original patterns inspired by traditional designs and 4 artists. The final products are over-sized paper planes which will be hung en masse in the Art building. Can’t wait!

If you’d like to read about the process and see examples of the students’ work, here’s the link to a longer post.

We got a reply from the author of the iOrnaments app! Scroll down to the comments section to see.

4 thoughts on “Art project collaboration – Pattern

  1. Dear Tania,

    you are amazing. I miss working with you so much – Melbourne High are so lucky to have you on staff. This is a wonderful project – love the rich resources available to inspire your students.

    • Hi Jürgen, good to meet you, and thanks for your positive feedback. I just checked out your Facebook page and I’m really impressed with the quality of designs you have there. Thanks for the tip!

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