Characters step out of books and into our library – Dress-up day

The highlight of Book Week is Friday when teachers and students dress up as a literary character of their choice. This year was very disappointing in terms of student participation; unfortunately we clashed with Theatre Sports, a barbecue, Julian Burnside speaking to the students, and a Cadets camp. What a shame, although we appreciate the few students who took the trouble of dressing up, and I think the five of them enjoyed receiving a movie ticket as their prize. Well done, Mangala, for winning the student competition as Robin Hood.

We were not disappointed by the teachers’ efforts though. It would have been a very difficult choice with so many wonderful characters – were it not for the outstanding efforts of our Assistant Principal, Dr Janet Prideaux, and our Head of English, George Marotous, who stole the show as Nagg and Nell in Beckett’s Endgame. It was fantastic to have so many staff together in the library. Thank you to all who came, and to the library team for providing the food and pulling the whole thing together. Thanks also to the principal, Jeremy Ludowyke, for taking time out from a very busy schedule and joining us as Postman Pat (minus the black and white cat).

We were fortunate to have author/illustrator  Nicki Greenberg join us for our morning tea. Mr Blair Mahoney (J. Alfred Prufrock) had organised the visit, and invited Nicki to join us.

Here are some of the costumes –

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