Staplers have been our undoing.

I don’t know why, in this age of technological innovation, it is so difficult to find a reliable stapler? How many times a day do we try to fix jammed staplers? What’s going on?

Here is a blogger who has devoted a whole blog to the lifespan of staplers. Read the blog here, it’s a detailed archive, complete with stapler analytics. Much as I appreciate the dedicated archives here, I’m not sure we would be doing the same at MHS.

Stapler 11, the old man, is dead. It was 279 days old, making it the longest living stapler of 2013. Cause of death: flaccid spring.


2 thoughts on “Staplers have been our undoing.

  1. Best stapler EVER is one we got from Raeco STAPLER NOVUS B7 AUTOMATIC $75.00 EACH inc GST. Code: 14962. I know, I know. $75. But it’s the Rolls Royce of staplers. Worth every cent.

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