New year, new library, new everything

Well hello 2014! This is our first blog post for the year. We are currently experiencing newness on all fronts. Our new library reading area is open albeit frugally furnished. Neverthless, it is a lovely open space, and we’ve temporarily put our red soft seating into the area, a good contrast to the charcoal grey carpet. We are also in the process of moving to a new library management system, Infiniti, and hope that RFID will speak to it soon so we can function properly. Our new head of library, Pam Saunders, is enjoying the whole experience, I’m sure. We welcome Pam, and expect great things for this year and the future. I took a few photos in the first few days.

Our first visitors.

photo (7)

A few more test out the new spaces.

photo (8)

The boys are wondering where the turnstile went.

photo (9)

Pam surveys the new space.

photo (10)

Who needs brand spanking new spaces when you can find a quiet corner?

photo (12)

                                                                                                                       Lunchtime. Business as usual.

photo (13)

Making use of last year’s legacy from our card players.

photo (17)

Rubix Cube playoff.

photo (16)

Card players. The new generation.

photo (14)

So much to do. So little time.

photo (18)

Happy days are here again! Welcome back MHS community. We hope you will enjoy the new spaces and happenings in the library.


2 thoughts on “New year, new library, new everything

  1. Haha wow I was wondering what it would look like! Such a shame it wasn’t renovated a year earlier… Thanks Ms Sheko for posting!

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