New spaces, new options. And mind your language.

Slowly, slowly things are beginning to take shape in the library. Our new front of library is resembling a library (according to some of our eloquent visitors). We have study rooms – labelled study room 1 and study room 2 for everyone’s convenience. These are even being used by small groups of students intent on collaborative study. Some have even ventured to use the whiteboard surfaces on the operable wall between the two rooms. It’s lovely to see the clean colours of the charcoal carpet, white walls, black shelving and red soft seating. Depleted funding has determined the colour scheme, and we have also been flexible with re-use of existing wooden shelving housing small collections such as picture books, graphic novels and foreign language books. Our new library management system is working very well, thank you. We look forward to the day that our self-checkout unit comes back to life – some things are more complex than others.

Image (1) Image (2)

Denise and I take grammar very seriously as you can see. The display has attracted small crowds of boys but I can’t seem to capture the evidence on camera.

Image (3)

Image (4)

Image (5)

Image (6)



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