Row, row, row your car on Chapel St River!

There is a great deal of commotion on Chapel St outside the school (South Yarra Sports Centre side). It seems the road has lifted up and water has filled the road and part of footpaths on both sides. This is particular concern to me (yes, everything is about me) because my car is parked on Chapel and the waters are currently lapping too close to my car. There has been no sign of police but the photojournalists on the ground (ie people with phone cameras) are capturing the scene as I type. News crews have only just arrived (too late for breaking news – Twitter and Facebook have already been informed. Amidst the excitement – cyclists and dog walkers wading through, Melbourne High boys with drenched shoes and socks, risking late passes in order to get some pics, and general mayhem – the reality of extended roadworks and blocked roads, possible water cut, is slowly sinking in.

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That’s my car parked on the right, the white station wagon

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Chapel St under water from Tania Sheko on Vimeo.

The police have now arrived and are blocking off the road which will affect cars, trams, cyclists and pedestrians. Hopefully I won’t have to be ferried out this afternoon.

A bit later…

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2 thoughts on “Row, row, row your car on Chapel St River!

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  2. Great coverage Tania! A role as a “Breaking News Reporter” is clearly within sight for you! 🙂 Seriously though – it’s a terrible mess! So sorry to see such an area wrecked. Good luck with getting your car out later today. Hope it’s not too messy for you.

    Guess I will shelve those plans to head down to Chapel St for my morning coffee – a luxury of my part-time employment!

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