Librarians have left the building (again) – Visit to Melbourne University libraries

Yesterday we visited several Melbourne University libraries as well as the University College library. We are fortunate to have CJ temporarily on our team; CJ is College Librarian at the University College Library.

As a library servicing a highly academic cohort of students at Melbourne High School, we are interested in liaising with university librarians so that we can assist students with their transition to university. This includes so many things, such as the way we could use spaces to facilitate the variety of student needs when they come to the library; embedding literacy and research skills into assignments and essays; teaching students about bibliographies and in-text citation; teaching them how to navigate online resources and manage information – in short, everything they need to be independent learners at the tertiary level.

We had already developed a partnership with the Melbourne University librarians in terms of shared online content – the Melbourne Uni librarians have kindly allowed us to use and modify their excellent Libguide about research. In turn, we have shared our Libguide for mobile apps in education.

We all agreed that yesterday’s visit and our visit to The Library at the Docks last week are an invaluable form of PD for us all – rich, relevant, ongoing and inspiring.
Here are a few photos:
The newly redesigned library and IT help desk at Giblin Eunson Library, University of Melbourne
Interesting, transparent way of separating the quiet zones
Reception and residential rooms at University College, Melbourne University.
I thought I’d throw in a couple of sights around the area
Can you guess the location of these?


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