Who said pink was not for boys? Pink Stumps Day @mhs

It’s Pink Stumps Day so the school is dotted with pink. We like to do our bit in the library.

Of all the library team, Denise Beanland is most committed to supporting causes.

We enlisted the help of our students to blow up pink balloons.

Balloon blowing is a technique that is not for the faint-hearted and must be approached systematically with the appropriate mix of attack and control.

Be sure to take in enough breath to fill your lungs.

Then proceed to blow into the balloon with gusto. (Notice how the chess players remain completely oblivious to everything around them.)

At this point you should be careful to inspect your balloon to assess progress. Mmm… perhaps we’re not there yet.

This time blow with increased force and don’t let go of the balloon. Be careful not to expend all your breath – you will need this for the last leg. Don’t be a hero.

And now, at last, give it your best blast! Make sure you reach full cheek capacity.

We encourage students to get involved and we don’t judge them on dressing up to support a good cause.(Although I wonder what is Denise thinking.)

Pink balloon blowing deserves a pink cupcake or two.

If you are having trouble with the balloon blowing technique, you should watch the WikiHow video tutorials. Practice makes perfect!

Happy Pink Stumps Day!!


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