An invitation to Warrnambool

I was recently invited to speak to teacher librarians and library technicians from schools in the south west region of Victoria. Margaret Sinnott from Emmanuel College, Warrnambool organised and hosted the event.

It was delightful to meet this enthusiastic group who represent both small and big schools, catholic and government, primary and secondary schools. When introducing each other it became apparent some of the issues and concerns were common to all – working with IT, eBooks, changes in staffing, encouraging students to read, noisy libraries or quiet libraries. I wrote notes and tried to address many of these concerns in my presentation. My presentation was around the approach and philosophy at the Melbourne High School library. I showed lots of photos, many of them taken from this blog. Ideas we have tried, those successes and those less successful.

The second half of the morning had two challenges, a discussion around school libraries digital profile and the second around encouraging, some may say pushing, the attendees to committing and trying something new. I gave them four weeks to get back to me with success or not. I wonder how many will. I do hope so I want to hear their stories too.

We often feel quite isolated in our libraries even with the communication offered by the internet. So it is still good to share face to face, or teacup to teacup and have someone else to listen and give advice or encouragement.

Thank you Margaret for the invitation, I really enjoyed the morning, your planning was wonderful. I had to miss the library tour and the visit to the local bookshop but I am sure the conversations and sharing went on all afternoon too.

Sharing ideas

Sharing ideas

Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College

Margaret provided lots of goodies to take away

Margaret provided lots of goodies to take away

Coffee stop pre presentation - love the book nooks

Coffee stop pre-presentation – love the book nooks


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