Literature Alive comes to MHS

A big thankyou to Stonnington Library for giving our students a chance to workshop with the fabulous Kirsty Murray during their Literature Alive Festival.

“The workshop was an awesome experience, Kirsty Murray taught me so many different, new ways to write that I had never considered before. I had a great time and I am sure that everyone else did as well. The workshop has definitely helped me see new ways to create stories and make them more interesting.” Monty

Loosen up with free writing – don’t let the pen escape the paper

“Kirsty got everyone engaged and in a creative mind-set” Andre

Eye to Eye – close observation is needed for a fresh perspective

Various interpretations

Now for the story…

“It was great to get tips on how to be published from an experienced author” Andre

And sharing…

Luke – a new literary prodigy?

Keen to find a publisher?

Our special thanks to Chelsea Hughes and Lily Merry from Stonnington Library



One thought on “Literature Alive comes to MHS

  1. Reblogged this on Here is my map #pdp15 and commented:

    When the library organises and hosts events such as author visits and writing workshops, it’s really a whole school event and often planned in conjunction with English staff. It’s important to capture and share the event with students, teachers, parents, and even the community outside the school. This post is a collaboration between Marie (who has written it), Denise and me (photos). No doubt the author, Kirsty Murray, would be interested in the post as a record of her session, and since the event was initiated and supported by Chelsea Hughes and Lily Merry from Stonnington Library, it is important to share this post publicly so that they have access to the post.

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