IDAHOT day @MHS. Challenging homophobia and teaching tolerance.

Post by Chris Bush (Teacher of Commerce and English)

Melbourne High School is a member of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria. Our school has pledged to continually look for ways to be more welcoming and accepting of LGBTI staff and students. IDAHOT day is a chance for schools to increase visibility around the existence of homophobia and transphobia – and to challenge it. Crucially at MHS we see IDAHOT as a chance to increase the visibility of acceptance that the overwhelming majority of our staff and students have for people of diverse sexualities and genders. Essentially our boys ‘don’t care’ who you love, they just want people to be happy and healthy. This does not mean that the situation here is perfect. Our school must continue to challenge all forms of homophobia and transphobia even if they are not as apparent or explicit as they are at other schools – we can always find ways to be better and to actively show LGBTI young people that it is okay to be yourself. Our rainbow wall of names is an incredibly bold affirmation of hundreds of individuals who echo this sentiment of acceptance and safety.
“Credit for the rainbow wall to Jenny Mill – Student Wellbeing Coordinator”


One thought on “IDAHOT day @MHS. Challenging homophobia and teaching tolerance.

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    Focus 2: Supporting teachers and students in non-academic environment.
    Promoting tolerance and challenging homophobia. The blog post records, illustrates and promotes to the MHS and wider communities events happening in the school.

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