Makerspace beginnings @MHS library

First there were two

and then three

and after that a small crowd

The bell went so they had to go

but they planned to return

The start of tinkering and making at MHS. It’s about time!


12 thoughts on “Makerspace beginnings @MHS library

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      • I’m sort of addicted to the instructables app now I have a sub! The size of our library makes a permanent makerspace hard. Instead, we run maker activities in different areas of the room on different days. I am seriously thinking of culling some more nonfiction to make room for a permanent setup. Some things are hard to pack away. Also I have this dream of “Maker Mondays”!! And I want to have works in progress on display… because the journey is the part that needs publicising. Would you mind if I drop by one day to see what your kids get up to in your makerspace? Maybe pick your brain a bit as to what worked or didn’t work during the setup phase? I’m right into this type of explorative learning.

      • I understand the space issue, Chelsea. We also have just shoved a bench into a small section of the library and moved reference off the shelves to make room for future projects. I really like distributing different makery things in different parts of the library. Culling non-fiction sounds like a good idea anyway. We haven’t yet thought about all the details, eg Maker Mondays sounds great. We really have nothing except for the space rail kit and the Physics teachers will bring in something else but this is not planned at all. I would love you to drop in, but how about you wait until we have something more exciting happening. I know there are many local school libraries who have been doing makerspaces for years and they would be good to visit. Last year I saw Bialik’s makerspace program and it was amazing. I’m happy to keep blogging how it all develops here but we are definitely not the experts. Just making a start.

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