We are inspired by people who are inspiring – #LiteratureWeek #BookWeek

Yesterday we had Abe Nouk, spoken word poet, speaking to the Year 10 students. Abe kept the students captivated with stories about his life as a Sudanese refugee who found asylum in Australia. He talked about the importance of finding a way to tell your own stories and how his belated efforts to achieve literacy and the discovery of spoken word poetry were an avenue for him to serve the society that has become his home.
On Wednesday, MHS old boy and comedian Nazeem Hussain will be speaking to the Year 11 students. Nazeem has written for his own comedy shows, such as Fear of a Brown Planet (with Aamer Rahman) and the television series Legally Brown.
On Tuesday next week, Indian writer Samhita Arni, author of The Mahabharata – A Child’s View (which she started writing and illustrating when she was just eight), Sita’s Ramayana (with artist Moyna Chitrakar) and The Missing Queen, will be speaking to the Year 9 students.
(Mr Blair Mahoney – organiser of English program for Literature Week)

Abe tells stories from the heart and encourages young people to believe in the value of their stories.

After fleeing South Sudan with his single mother and seven brothers and sisters as refugees, Abe described coming to Australia in 2004 as nothing short of magical. He said only a few years ago he couldn’t read or write a word of English and now he was creating art and connecting with people in ways he never would have imagined. (Source: The Creative Issue)

You can keep in touch with Abe on Twitter – @AbeNouk   His tweets are uplifting, simple messages advocating happiness through humility, gratitude and service to others.

Abe has given his permission to post photos and videos of his talk to our year 10 students. I missed the beginning of his first spoken word poem because he launched into it seamlessly in the middle of his talk.


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