Melbourne High School Art Show 2015

This year’s Art Show has been stunning and showcases the broad range of talent amongst a large cohort. The Visual and Performing Arts have a fabulous staff whose passion and teaching expertise bring the best out in a cohort often otherwise engaged in Maths and the Sciences. The importance of the Arts in education is often overlooked with a short-sighted perception of the Arts as irrelevant to those whose careers will be in other disciplines. In fact, through the process of art making and problem solving, of creative solutions and playful ‘what ifs’, students develop transferable skills and behaviours – important 21st century skills which they will need in the world of their uncertain futures.

Charles Leadbeater, in his book Learning to make a difference: school as a creative community, says that

Education should equip young people to shape
an uncertain future so they can live more successful
lives, on their own terms and together.

The real core curriculum of education should equip young people to:

  • Make something, whether that is a model, a play, a piece of music, an argument, which makes a difference to them, their relationships and the community they are a part of as they seek to solve these challenges.
  • Have the confidence to act creatively even in the face of uncertainty, without having to know every detail in advance.
  • Develop the desire, capacity and confidence to be a contributor to solving problems, however large or small.
  • Acquire the traits of character, especially persistence, grit and determination to overcome the myriad obstacles that will stand in their way.

School should be a creative community with a cause, a place where children
go to:
• Explore, create, make, try things out and learn from their mistakes and recover from their setbacks.

The Art Show is a showcase of all 9-10 students’ work and that of VCE students studying Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Design, Photography (elective) and Theatre Studies. Individual works of art and performances are impressive on their own, but how powerful is the collective display!

Whilst school is largely about abstract learning, the Arts provide an opportunity to make and perform.

And now for a glimpse into the exhibition.


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