Do you have what it takes? – 2nd Annual Tea Duelling Competition

Tea Duelling? I hear you ask. Yes – it’s a sport for the modern age:

Tea Duelling is an elegant sport for a more civilized age. Instead of hacking away at each other with long, sharp wedges of metal or, heaven forbid, shooting guns at one another, Major Thadeus Tinker and Dr. Geof Fetishman devised a way to test the mettle of an opponent through the use of a simple cup of brown joy and a biscuit.

Tea Duelling is now an annual institution at Melbourne High School. Enjoy photos and videos.

The final play-off (going backwards)

The secret to tea duelling by an experienced dueller

Inspecting the integrity of the biscuit.

A big thank you to all of you who came and those who participated. Judging by all the cheering and noise, Tea Duelling is a serious sport.

The presiding officer, known as a “Tiffin Master” or “Tiffin Mistress” then tells both duellists when to dunk their biscuit into their tea. The biscuits are to be held submerged in tea for an audible count of five seconds, and then are removed and attempted to be eaten.

The goal of tea duelling is to get a clean “nom”, which is when you put the biscuit in your mouth and bite it without having lost any pieces along the way. This sounds easy, but as the biscuit has been submerged in hot tea, it will want to immediately fall apart, presenting difficulty in achieving a clean “nom”.

A huge thanks to Denise who organised the whole thing, dressed up as Tiffin Mistress to take the contestants through their paces, researched the biscuits, made the tea and organised and wrapped the prizes.

See you all again next year.


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