Where is learning happening in the school? #mhs #makerspace #spaces

In classrooms, naturally, but where else?

In the library study rooms.

Smaller, private spaces for collaborative learning. We see learning in process here, not just study. These boys said they enjoyed the quiet of a private space to work things out on the whiteboard. Large whiteboard wins over small textbook or ipad. There’s something about using your whole body in the learning process.

Informal, collaborative learning spaces also look like this:

Informal learning can be messy and messy is good.

Sometimes a makerspace can be just what you need to calm you down before an exam. This little guy was made only minutes before a VCE exam.

The library is a fluid space made up of smaller spaces where learning breaks out in different configurations.

We watch closely to understand how learning is taking place and how we can reconfigure our spaces, knowing that well thought out spaces will influence learning.

And speaking of learning, the library hosted its first staff meeting yesterday. This was an experiment to see if the library might be more suitable than the general staff room. My impression is that it made for a relaxed meeting, and since we hadn’t thought about a space for our principal class at the front, it resulted in distributed authority at least in terms of spatial hierarchy.

And lastly, a bit of news: we have an Instagram account! This is a companion to this blog, and will capture frequent photos around the place so that posts here are not as cluttered. Follow us! @melbhslibrary




2 thoughts on “Where is learning happening in the school? #mhs #makerspace #spaces

  1. A lovely reminder of the different ways the library is used and I especially love the ways creativity and gentle moments of collaboration are inspired/ provoked / encouraged. Thanks for sharing.

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