What’s most important for a successful year 12? Past students tell

Several of our 2015 year 12 students returned today to talk about their experiences in their final year as Melbourne High School students. It was great to see them again and chat about which pathways they have chosen for the next stage of their lives.

Challenging as it was to accommodate over 300 year 12 students in the library, it was obvious that the current year 12 cohort were keen to hear the words of wisdom from their more experienced brothers. Hopefully these messages have relieved some of the stresses associated with the final, all important year. Certainly the main message was for a work-life balance – including making the most of the large number of interest groups, enjoying the learning experiences (and not just focusing on ATAR calculation), and reliance on the support of friends. Some students stressed the importance of being flexible when unexpected (or even undesirable) things happened – and isn’t that unavoidable – so letting go of controlling every outcome would certainly minimize anxiety. Finally, students recommended joining study groups which offered companionship, moral support and collaborative learning.

We congratulate these students for their achievements and rejoice in their willingness to return and give back to their school community. What struck me the most was their generosity of spirit so whatever path they follow, they will have much to offer and the world will be enriched because of that.



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