Australia’s first non-profit crepe van: Crepes for Change

We were overjoyed to discover that as part of Language Week we could buy crepes all day long. Turned out to be a cute pink van with 3 of our old boys making and selling crepes. But wait! There’s more: it’s part of a social enterprise founded by old boy, Dan Poole, to help disadvantaged and homeless youth.

I can’t say it any better than the ‘about us’ on their website:

Crêpes for Change is a project that has been a dream for a long time.

We live in an exciting time full of opportunities to be had, but the sad reality is that not everyone starts off on the same level. Many lack not only the tangible basics such as food and accommodation, but also the things that shape a person’s life immeasurably: a loving family, inspiring teachers and mentors, support from their community and people who will give them a shot. It’s heartbreaking to see people unable to leverage themselves out of a bad situation.

Our goal is to be able to employ,  train and support young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and allow them to find long-term employment and prosper on their own.

We are proud of you, boys! We recognized Terence Felix’s smiling face (thanks for the recommendation of salted caramel which partially ended up on my dress but also mostly in my mouth – so good!). Dan was creating the crepes, and sorry we didn’t know who the other young man was. Check out their website and read about the initiative and how you can get involved.


You can follow Crepes for Change on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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