The Quiz Club Honour Board

Whilst rejuvenating (ie weeding/deselecting) our non-fiction collection we found this book, Ship’s Log: Voyage from Britain to Australia May 1987 to January 1988 . The book has been beautifully bound and is a record of the re-enactment voyage of a ship in the first fleet, H.M.A.V Bounty.

On opening we discovered, the book had been used as a log, not a ships log, rather a log of boys success in …

The Quiz.


Old Boys 2006

Inside the book pages had been stuck in and listed names and dates of the Quiz Club Honour Board.

Ten year reunion

Intrigued we wondered what the Quiz Club was. On further study of the boys names and the dates we realised these were year 12 students from 10 years ago. Fortuitously there was a ten year reunion of this group this year so we kept the book and sent it along to see if any boys (now men) remembered the book, the quiz and could enlighten us.

A few of those listed were at the reunion and told how it was an activity they did during private study periods.  A group of students had a competition to complete the daily quiz published in The Age and The Herald Sun. They chose a book they thought no one would borrow (um, they were right, the loan history is zero) but which they could easily find each day. They made up pages and stuck them inside the book as a central recording place.

We were impressed with their devotion, from 15 May 2006 until 18 October 2006 there is a list of winners and losers. 

And here are a couple of them now, including David Janick, holding The Quiz Book.

I wonder if they are still doing the daily puzzles in the papers?

The quiz boys

Quiz boys 2







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