Gold comes to MHS

Motivation, talent, facilities, drive and a training companion are critical to achieving success in all areas of endeavour. These qualities were highlighted when gold came to MHS.

We’ve been watching the world’s greatest athletes win gold in Rio. What is the journey of these exceptional athletes? Each has their own story.

MHS Old Boy Ralph Doubell – middle distance running – and current staff member Lisa Carruthers (nee Powell ) – hockey – unveiled the MHS Olympic Hall of Fame.

Ralph & Lisa

The Olympic Hall of Fame includes such legends as:

to those who are participating in Rio:

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame 2









Students and staff had great delight in holding Lisa’s gold medals for hockey in Barcelona 1996 and Sydney 2000.




Ralph provided an insight into winning the 800 metres in 1:44.3, a world record at Mexico City Olympics in 1968. It was and remains the Australian record.

In Mexico the overwhelming favourite in the Olympic 800 final was Wilson Kiprugut of Kenya who led the field through 400 m in 51.0. The Australian media paid almost no attention to Doubell leading up to the race. Doubell mentioned that this lack of expectations, along with his own personal conviction, propelled him pass Kiprugut, who had been leading for the majority of the race, to win Australia’s first gold medal in this event and equal the world record of 1:44.3.


He participated in the triple jump in the MHS inter-house sports and ran well in the cross-country races. However, he didn’t ever win a school championship. How did Ralph go on to win gold in a world record time at the age of 23? He was motivated. He wanted to travel the world and he realised he could do that if he won races. He was driven to win. He realised that with running being a solo sport, having a training companion was crucial.



Ralph provided us with valuable advice. Step back, decide on the critical issues and write them down. Clarify what you’re good at and start with that.

Thank you to the Heritage Society for organising the event, to Lisa for giving us the opportunity to hold Olympic gold and to Ralph for sharing his inspirational story.



Tony Xie – Year 12 Heritage Society President

Ms Catherine Morton – Teacher Librarian


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