Year 11 Psychology students conduct an original research investigation into attitudes

Year 11 Psychology students have designed and conducted an original research investigation into attitudes. This assignment also required students to analyse data and critically evaluate the results. They have presented their findings as scientific posters, which have been on public display at the MHS library since 17/08/16. (Teacher: Sam Crocket)

Here is an example of work by Jacob Yap:

Youth and Parental Attitudes Towards the Use of Social Media by Jacob Yap 11H






Below is a link to Jacob’s research assignment:

Jacob Yap Pychology poster

Some other examples:

James Dinh 11H : Analysis of the effect of one’s perception about the cause of homeless on their attitudes towards the homeless

Jathin Patil 11PY01 Attitudes towards gender stereotypes on career pathways (1) : Attitudes towards gender stereotypes on career pathways.

Jonathan tan Principled propaganda Poster: The effect of charity promotions on the public’s attitude towards donating.

Psych Poster_DavidNguyen_11PY001: The influence of titles on observers’ attitudes towards features in a video.

Tim Koh Attitudes Project Poster- Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Attitudes Towards Asylum Seekers and Refugees Based on Immigrant Generations.

Some of the other research topics:

Investigation on the effect of gender on peer pressure – Charith Jayawardana

The effect of gender on attitudes towards rugby – Dominic Guo

An investigation of attitudes towards compulsory school uniform in male and female adolescence – Ben Yu

The influence of titles on observers’ attitudes towards features in a video – David Nguyen

The effect of formality of clothing on the likelihood of taking a flyer – Ashwin Muraleetharan

The effect of headlines on attitudes – Simon Zhang

Attitudes towards profanity – Wesley Lee

An investigation into attitudes towards politics based on gender – Charles Salzman-Bye

The effect of gender on attitudes towards fast food – Alec Yu

Attitudes towards underage drinking – Sean Bennie and Harry Popple

Attitudes towards learning a second language – John Ye

Effects of Cadet membership on attitudes to war veterans and memorials – Shannon Allas-Scott

Attitudes of age towards voting for a political party – Shlok Thakur

The affect of gender on attitudes towards homework – Hitesh Arumalla


These research posters will be displayed in the library for a bit longer so come up and have a look. Students are learning important research skills which prepare them for academic work at the tertiary level.





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