Athletics Day 2. Librarians have left the building.

Well, the teacher librarians are out in any case. Jenny and Denise are beavering away in a deserted library. Enjoying the peace.

Gorgeous day today. Here are some pics.

Why am I not surprised to see our spectator students doing their homework?

And a prized shot of our fearless leader with The Duke.

What are the fisherman catching around here?

I must say its a perfect day to spend outdoors. See you back in the library.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, Como House won.

MHS Athletics Days

We were blessed with gorgeous weather for the 2 non-consecutive days of Athletics competitions. Thanks Denise for putting together a fantastic display of photos from the days. It’s a very wide board and I’ve only captured two small sections of it. I’ve noticed it has created quite a bit of interest from the boys.