Katherine Brabon, winner of The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award for her first novel, The Memory Artist, launches Laureate 2016

On Wednesday, 24 November members of the school community celebrated the launch of the 2015–16 edition of the English Faculty’s literary magazine, Laureate.

In what was a very special occasion, staff, students and parents gathered in the school library to recognise the outstanding creative writing and artworks of Melbourne High School students. Australian author and winner of the 2016 Vogel’s Award for her novel The Memory Artist, Katherine Brabon, presented copies of the 2015–16 Laureate to those students whose work appeared in the magazine. In her speech, Katherine noted how impressed she was by the imagination and flair displayed by MHS writers and she commended them for their dedication to the craft of writing.

The English Faculty extends its congratulations to the students whose work appeared in the 2015–16 edition of Laureate.

Appreciation should also go to the English teachers for their tireless work in nurturing the students in their creative endeavours, providing them with advice and feedback, and also for proofreading the work submitted for this publication.

Special mention and a big thank you must go to Sam Bryant who has continued in his role as editor for the 2015–16 edition. Sam has spent many months co-ordinating, collecting, collating, reading, and editing the student work, as well as designing the layout and assembly of the magazine.

The Melbourne High School community extends its appreciation and recognition to Sam and all English staff for their dedication and commitment in showcasing and immortalising our students’ talents. In Horace’s words the English Faculty has created a ‘monumentum aere perennius’ (‘a monument more enduring than bronze’).

Copies of the Laureate 2015–16 and our past editions are available for borrowing from the school library. Access to electronic copies are available on the ‘news’ page of the English website.

– George Marotous, Head of English

It was wonderful to see so many parents attending!

A great opportunity to catch up with former students (2015)

Contributing student authors were presented with a copy of Laureate.

We are so fortunate to be supported by our assistant principals at such events!

Thank you to Katherine Brabon for inspiring our student writers!

Great job, Mr Sam Bryant! Keeping our literary publication alive and enabling our student writers to be published.


Meet Isobelle Carmody and Alison Goodman! @MHS library

This is an opportunity not to be missed!!

It is our pleasure to invite you (yes, reader, YOU) to Melbourne High School Library (4th floor if you’re coming up the lift from Chapel St.) for the launch of Isobelle Carmody’s Scatterlings on Friday 19th June, 1-2 pm .

‘For a long time there was silence and endless sleep. Then came a grinding sound – a metallic scream and a dazzling flash of whiteness.’

After the accident, Merlin wakes not knowing who or where she is. Strange voices whisper in her head, but the words mean nothing to Merlin, who cannot even remember her face. Only one thing is certain: this is not her world, though it might once have been.

Yes! Isobelle Carmody will be there in the flesh! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity! And also author Alison Goodman, author of Eona (sequel to Eon)

Books will be for sale ($19.99).

There is a competition to win the authors books, so bring a snow dome to enter. Details on the posters at school. Sadly, lunch will be provided only for guests so bring your own nibbles, MHS boys.


100 great novels by living authors (and more) – 3 lists compiled by Blair Mahoney

Hello there. I hope you’ve been enjoying the freedom of the Summer holidays. I definitely have and so this blog has been dormant for quite some time. It’s okay; we all need a break.

So to start off the year I thought I’d share Mr Blair Mahoney’s updated reading lists – looking fantastic in Medium. Just beautiful. And so I give you (drum roll…) : 100 great novels by living authors. Not that you’ll get through that list for a while, but I’m also sharing Mr Mahoney’s 100 great novels by dead authors and 100 great graphic novels.

That should keep you going for a while.

Guest post by Australian author, Michael Pryor, about his upcoming new book, ‘Machine Wars’.


I’m excited to be able to tell you all about my new book, to be released by Random House Australia in April 2014. It’s called Machine Wars, and it’s unrelated to any of my other series. Machine Wars is a flat out, non-stop, relentless adventure, with crazed robots whichever way you look… The Terminator meets The Bourne Identity? Not a bad way of thinking about it.

In Machine Wars we have an evil Artificial Intelligence, we have murderous machines, we have two young teenagers who learn that chase scenes aren’t so much fun when your whole life becomes one. Oh, and we have a wise-cracking robo-duck, too.

The core idea of Machine Wars came about from considering how machines are everywhere in our twenty-first century lives – and how embedded they are. The questions isn’t ‘Are we dependent on machines’ it’s ‘How dependent are we on machines?’ With the advances in artificial intelligence and the trend to connectivity of everything (internet-enabled washing machines, anyone?) imagining a world where machines get tired of serving wasn’t very hard. When enough is enough, an uprising isn’t far away.

But how do you survive when any machine anywhere could turn against you? That’s what Bram Argent and Stella Burke have to find out.

Machine Wars. Trust no one, not even your blender.

Thank you, Michael, for making a personal appearance in our blog. We can’t wait for Machine Wars to come out! Make sure you get your copy before it disappears off the shelves. And check out Michael’s blog too.

Students display talent and creativity

Our talented library monitors (or should that be Library Monitors?) have created a variety of fantastic displays for our library.

Kai & Josh (Year 12, Level 4) created their display based on ‘Fantasy vs Science Fiction’.


Padraig’s board featured Chick Lit (Level 4).


Philip (also Level 4) created a wonderful 3D display on Mythology. Great work!


Great work guys! And thanks to Denise for her guidance and photography.