ANZAC commemoration @MHS

“Two days after being introduced to the trenches, we are quite used to the work and noise … If a shell strikes your portion of the trench you are lucky to get off, but you keep on with your job and hope that the next will not be so near.” These words were written by then Captain Langley who would survive Gallipoli and go on to be principal of Melbourne High School. (Source: The Leader) Melbourne High School old boy, Alan Gregory, has edited Langley’s ANZAC Letters, a complimentary copy of which our students have received today. The book includes letters George Langley wrote to his family about his experience at ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli (as stated in the blurb). Catherine Morton captured these beautiful photos of the ANZAC day march. Last week a few students demonstrated how Two-Up works – don’t worry, no gambling, only homemade Anzac biscuits as sustenance.

We came, we played, we ate popcorn – BookWiz 2014

Our second ever MHS BookWiz was so much fun.

Full house, popcorn supplied, and 3 rounds of challenging book trivia – what more could you want? Thanks to Old Boy, Marcus Saunders, for being an awesome M.C., and to Ms Denise Beanland for organising the event and even purchasing the popcorn machine especially. This year the winning table of students thrashed the 2 teacher tables – that’s life. Thank you to all who came, including all teachers and assistant principals who took time out of their very busy schedules,to Mangala for scoring, to our volunteers, to the students who set up the microphone, and the library team for making sure everything ran smoothly.

Some photos of the event –

The winning team – fearless readers!

The crowd

 Teacher tables

Quite optimistic here

Not quite as optimistic later in the competition

Marcus and Pam Saunders

The Scores

Signing up for tables

The teams

The concentration

The best answer to Number 10  ‘Why doesn’t Hogwarts have a gym’

The disappointment

Thanks to all who made this a fantastic event. See you next year!







Book donations

We are fortunate to receive book donations from various people in the community. Thanks to Pieter Scheffers for recently donating the wonderful philosophy collection (photos coming soon), and also for the books which arrived today. There has been much interest from our reading community.


Blind date – with a book!



The library can be an exciting place – as this photo demonstrates. We try to engage our boys in reading through different strategies. In this case you can see the excitement on our year 9 students’ faces as they participate in a ‘blind date with a book’. I have to say that it felt like Christmas! Thanks to CJ for the idea.

It’s all happening – Book Week is here!

So, finally, it’s Book Week. Our Book Swap table has been set up and the first book to be purchased for a gold coin is – can you guess? A dictionary!

I’m happy to see a good mix of contemporary and classic books, including some books you’ve not seen for some time or perhaps never before. 







If you’re around, come and join us for our Book Week activities. It’s not too late to submit a photo to ‘Book Face’ or ‘Holding Up Books For No Reason’. Tomorrow’s BookWiz should be fabulous; I’m looking forward to the quartet. Please donate a book or two to our Book Swap table, and choose a book or two for a gold coin donation.

Setting up for The Great Book Dominoes event

Our boys are very busy setting up The Great Book Dominoes event which will feature as a short film during Book Week.  It seems it’s trickier than we all suspected, and it might take all day before it works successfully, but it will definitely be worth it! I’ve never seen our reference books used so much!

photo (1)


The Great Book Swap

Denise has come up with an excellent Book Week activity – The Great Book Swap.

The Great Book Swap is a simple fundraising initiative for schools, libraries, bookshops, bookclubs and businesses. It’s very simple – and fun! You bring along one of your favourite books so you can swap it for someone else’s. You make a gold donation and all the money raised is donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The event should be a bit of fun, bringing students and staff to the book swap table, while raising money for and awareness of Indigenous literacy needs.

And the winner of the Book Spine Poetry Competition is…


Hanford Lam! Congratulations, Hanford, for a well structured and creative poem using book spines.


Thank you to Dr Prideaux for judging the competition. Dr Prideaux’s job was not an easy one, and she spent quite a while selecting the best from several well composed poems.

Hanford’s poem was so long that the stack of books threatened to topple. I took a photo of the entire poem but also of the poem in two parts so that it was legible.




Matt Lyons came a close second but unfortunately for him there was a single prize of a $30 iTunes voucher which eluded him. Better luck next time, Matt.


Here are the other excellent entries.



Dr Prideaux was also impressed with Ms Buckland’s poem which deserves a special mention.


Playing with book titles – Book spine poetry competition for Library and Information Week

One of the competitions we’ve run for last week’s Library and Information Week has been the Book Spine Poetry competition. I’ve always loved seeing creative examples of this. It’s fun, hands-on and once you start you can’t stop. Only things I have against it is the shelving after the event! (just joking – I don’t shelve, haha).

At first it seemed that nobody could be enticed into the competition. Our boys are so incredibly busy and suffer from major over-involvement. We have so many interest groups at the school that it can be very difficult for our students to do anything extra. Anyway, I was thrilled when Matt Lyons started the ball rolling – thanks, Matt! – and soon a few more boys started playing with books to create spine poetry.

Here are a few of the entries. We will be judging and awarding prizes some time this week.