BookWiz rocked! #booktrivia #photos #bookweek

Our 3rd BookWiz was so much fun. We had a full house including 11 student tables and 2 teacher tables (including student candidates who joined us for the first time!)

I think it’s best to tell this story through photos.

Here are the winners smiling like Cheshire cats, clutching their free burger prizes.

The scores for 3 rounds and names of teams

Jason created an ambience which made people forget they were in school library. Not sure where they were but everyone was very chilled. Thanks, Jason, and thanks also to Mr Curtis Bayliss for accompanying Jason on the keyboard and for being a valued member of the winning team.

And now some general shots of the crowd –

One of the teacher tables

The team of ‘ennui-filled youth’ looking a little more full of confusion than ennui. We hope the game did not disturb their existential displacement.

The Quiz Master, Mr Richard Edge, doing a masterful job and entertaining the masses. German word pronunciation was particularly impressive.

Why bother trying when Mr Blair Mahoney is doing all the work for your team?

Not sure what’s happening here.

What’s the name of that duck again?


Someone’s read the book.

Jason’s excited.

Dr Stiglec is excited.

Mr Mahoney’s feeling blue.

Ms Buckland is amused.

Thank you to everyone who came and ate popcorn and laughed. Thank you to the students who helped us set up, mark papers and tidy up afterwards. Thank you so much to Denise Beanland who organised the event and did most of the leg work (literally; she doesn’t drive. How many kilos of sweets did you drag onto the bus?)

See you all next year!

Welcoming our parent volunteers to the library – afternoon tea


Yesterday we enjoyed the annual parent volunteers afternoon tea in the library. We are so lucky to have such an enthusiastic group of parent volunteers who graciously donate their time to help us out.  Our head of library, Pam Saunders, passed on valuable advice about all aspects of the school, having been a Melbourne High parent herself, and also President of the Parents and Friends Association. We appreciate having our principal, Jeremy Ludowyke, and assistant principal, David Smyth, join us to chat in an informal setting. Jeremy talked to the parents about the value of participating in the community of the school, and the resulting enrichment to the school, parents and students. Thank you to Denise for organising the lovely afternoon tea, and for overseeing the roster. We look forward to seeing our parents in the library throughout the year.