And … we’re back! Year 9s’ first day.

We’re back on deck and it’s all about the year 9s today; it’s their first day! Welcome to you all! We hope you feel at home here. Certainly a large number of year 9 students have made themselves at home in the library this lunchtime. We’ve run out of UNO but there is also Lego, jigsaw puzzles, chess and more. Of course, there’s also getting to know people during these activities. Oh, and some students are even reading!


Winding up for the end of the year

So it’s a curious time of year when the regular pace and routine are disrupted by wonderful messy projects such as the year 9 city scavenger hunt, the year 9 city project (research/documentary), for the first time the year 10 Innovation Project which gives students the opportunity to make significant changes in the school, presenting to a panel of professionals to be shortlisted for the successful three teams – and lots of singing in between (LOTS of singing!)

I wanted to share some photos of this busy, happy time.

Year 9s waiting to watch the winning Melbourne documentaries.

The winners receiving their accolades.

In between all of this the library is a hub of old fashioned activity.


Games for people with tiny fingers.


Board games


Next Monday the library assistants and Writing Interest Group (WIG – formerly Competition Writing) are joining for a big party, The Madhatter’s Tea Party, to be precise.

And of course, there are always BOOKS!


Library Allsorts – update on recent library happenings

unnamed (1)

What’s been happening in our library? Like many other school libraries, we’ve been signing students up for a few Melbourne Writers’ Festival workshops, including the one by Arnold Zable pictured above. Denise has donned her Grim Reaper costume to scare students into putting their names down for groups taking part in the second BookWiz competition (book related trivia) at Melbourne High School. Well, not exactly ‘scare’ but she does get noticed.

unnamed (10)unnamed (11)

We’re opening up more of our books and displaying them in the traffic areas with positive results. Books actually get noticed this way! unnamed (9)

I couldn’t believe how many students and teachers stopped to look at these illustrations. unnamed (2)

The TV is on all day every day – on mute – on the ABC 24 hour news channel. I don’t know why we didn’t do this earlier.unnamed (3)

Students are still playing chess ALL DAY LONG. Not the same students of course. unnamed (5)

Good opportunity to bring out the chess and other strategy game books – right next to the players.

unnamed (6)

We still have a wide variety of self-initiated activities happening in the library during recess and lunchtimes. We don’t always understand what is involved but the students obviously do. Notice the nice mix of technology with paper games. unnamed (4)

Data mining continues to be highly esoteric. Here you can see the data being collected for ‘If you could choose to have a superpower, what would it be?’ unnamed clear       unnamed (13)

As you can hopefully see, teleportation and invisibility rank the highest in student-desired superpowers. Commanding an army of ducks has surprising high results too.

One thing I can say with certainty, there is no place for boredom in Melbourne High School library.

New year, new library, new everything

Well hello 2014! This is our first blog post for the year. We are currently experiencing newness on all fronts. Our new library reading area is open albeit frugally furnished. Neverthless, it is a lovely open space, and we’ve temporarily put our red soft seating into the area, a good contrast to the charcoal grey carpet. We are also in the process of moving to a new library management system, Infiniti, and hope that RFID will speak to it soon so we can function properly. Our new head of library, Pam Saunders, is enjoying the whole experience, I’m sure. We welcome Pam, and expect great things for this year and the future. I took a few photos in the first few days.

Our first visitors.

photo (7)

A few more test out the new spaces.

photo (8)

The boys are wondering where the turnstile went.

photo (9)

Pam surveys the new space.

photo (10)

Who needs brand spanking new spaces when you can find a quiet corner?

photo (12)

                                                                                                                       Lunchtime. Business as usual.

photo (13)

Making use of last year’s legacy from our card players.

photo (17)

Rubix Cube playoff.

photo (16)

Card players. The new generation.

photo (14)

So much to do. So little time.

photo (18)

Happy days are here again! Welcome back MHS community. We hope you will enjoy the new spaces and happenings in the library.

Fun and games in the library

Despite our recent move to evict gamers from the library, we still have plenty of fun during recess and lunch. We made the decision to move out those playing games on their iPads and on our computers purely because of space issues. No, we are not against gaming! We do believe the library is a multi-purpose space, and the enormous gaming population made it impossible to fit other activities – including reading! So the iPad gamers have been redirected to other rooms, and we have a wonderful mix of recreational activities taking place.

Here’s a Chinese strategic game called Junqi.


Denise has just created a new display which is turning the heads of boys passing by. The display allows you to see well known novels as if they had been gender flipped.



Stay tuned for more display delights very soon.

Here is the link to the gender-flipped covers.