The library is full of words and they don’t all live inside books

Words tell a story. You’re thinking about stories in books, aren’t you? What about the words that are free-floating – on walls, shelves, boxes? Some have been created recently while others have lived in the library longer than the current library staff. Many of these are forgotten, invisible – not worthy even of a fleeting glance. All tell a story we are too busy to notice.

Awaiting. Sense the anticipation experienced by the inanimate objects.

Not working.

“Entertains with a friendly personality”.

The popular whiteboard with renewable problem solving attracts thinking and small crowds.

Ah yes, IBM…

Very scary.

How old is this radio?

The library is like a rock pool. You need to bend down and peer in, stay there for a while to see everything. The library is a time capsule where people and objects live together harmoniously, blending past and present.

Official opening of our new library spaces

The first of April 2014 saw the grand, official, opening of Melbourne High School’s new library spaces, including a welcoming, attractive entrance, more spacious reading spaces, and study rooms. Attending were principal Jeremy Ludowyke, assistant principals Dr Janet Prideaux, Andrew Sloan and David Smyth, school council members, architects Michael Fooks and Leah Reynolds, patrons and friends of the school including many old boys, student representatives and library staff.

We were honoured to welcome Mrs Mary Crean, long-standing volunteer and patron of our library for more than 30 years. Mrs Crean was assisted in the official unveiling of the donors’ plaque by her two sons, Simon Crean (former Leader of the Federal Opposition) and David Crean (former Tasmanian Treasurer) – both Melbourne High School Old Boys.

Principal Ludowyke gave a potted history of the library, and reminded those present that Melbourne High School was one of the first government school libraries to employ trained librarians, setting a precedent for other schools to follow.

This is the first in a staged plan for the renewal of our library spaces to provide more options for our students and assist in their transition to the tertiary environment and into the wider world.


                       Mary Crean with her sons, Simon and David


          Principal Jeremy Ludowyke at the unveiling

unnamed (20)

   Assistant Principal, David Smyth, chatting with guests

unnamed (17)

                                                                                                                       unnamed (16)

 Students serving the food. Assistant Principal, Dr Janet Prideaux, in the background

unnamed (18)

unnamed (19)


New spaces, new options. And mind your language.

Slowly, slowly things are beginning to take shape in the library. Our new front of library is resembling a library (according to some of our eloquent visitors). We have study rooms – labelled study room 1 and study room 2 for everyone’s convenience. These are even being used by small groups of students intent on collaborative study. Some have even ventured to use the whiteboard surfaces on the operable wall between the two rooms. It’s lovely to see the clean colours of the charcoal carpet, white walls, black shelving and red soft seating. Depleted funding has determined the colour scheme, and we have also been flexible with re-use of existing wooden shelving housing small collections such as picture books, graphic novels and foreign language books. Our new library management system is working very well, thank you. We look forward to the day that our self-checkout unit comes back to life – some things are more complex than others.

Image (1) Image (2)

Denise and I take grammar very seriously as you can see. The display has attracted small crowds of boys but I can’t seem to capture the evidence on camera.

Image (3)

Image (4)

Image (5)

Image (6)


New year, new library, new everything

Well hello 2014! This is our first blog post for the year. We are currently experiencing newness on all fronts. Our new library reading area is open albeit frugally furnished. Neverthless, it is a lovely open space, and we’ve temporarily put our red soft seating into the area, a good contrast to the charcoal grey carpet. We are also in the process of moving to a new library management system, Infiniti, and hope that RFID will speak to it soon so we can function properly. Our new head of library, Pam Saunders, is enjoying the whole experience, I’m sure. We welcome Pam, and expect great things for this year and the future. I took a few photos in the first few days.

Our first visitors.

photo (7)

A few more test out the new spaces.

photo (8)

The boys are wondering where the turnstile went.

photo (9)

Pam surveys the new space.

photo (10)

Who needs brand spanking new spaces when you can find a quiet corner?

photo (12)

                                                                                                                       Lunchtime. Business as usual.

photo (13)

Making use of last year’s legacy from our card players.

photo (17)

Rubix Cube playoff.

photo (16)

Card players. The new generation.

photo (14)

So much to do. So little time.

photo (18)

Happy days are here again! Welcome back MHS community. We hope you will enjoy the new spaces and happenings in the library.