Our students contribute to Q&A’s Schools Special Victoria program

It was exciting to see some of our students in the audience for this week’s Q&A: Schools Special Victoria, with Louis Gordon asking the first question!

On the panel: Josh Frydenberg, Minister for the Environment and Energy; Catherine King, Shadow Health Minister; Pinidu Chandrasekera, Parade College, Bundoora; Aretha Brown, Williamstown High School; Jock Maddern, Kaniva College; and Jacinta Speer, The MacRobertson Girls’ High School.

Our panel discussed: marriage equality, the proposed PaTH program, rural youths, youth unemployment and the voting age.

Treasures from the archives of Melbourne High School’s magazine, OURS (1920s)

One of the most delightful aspects of Melbourne High School library is its archival collection which includes the school magazine, OURS, dating back to the early twentieth century.

Take a look at a bygone era which had its own language and humour, old-fashioned advertising and unique school activities. These magazine issues date back to when the school was co-educational – before it split in 1927.



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Sorry about all the different sized photos. Hope you can still read most of these blurry shots.




Do you ‘like’ our new Facebook page?

I’m convinced that if you take the time and effort to do something, then it should be effective. Sounds obvious, I know, but here’s an example to elucidate. I’ve been writing posts in this blog for over a year now, and although I’m pleased to say that people are reading it, I noticed that it’s mainly teacher librarians from other schools. Whilst this is fabulous, and I appreciate the readership and feedback, I’m still wondering how to promote things to our own school community – the students, teachers and parents. Promotion is such an important part of doing anything at school; you could be spending all your time writing posts and documenting what’s happening with photos but if it doesn’t reach your primary audience, then something isn’t right.

So it occurred to me that a Facebook page might be the way to go. I know that seems obvious but it really isn’t going to be effective unless you know that enough people are on Facebook. Anyway, I’ve created the page – and here it is. It’s (obviously) called Melbourne High School Library. So far it has 49 likes and 11 friends. It’s a start.

Every blog post will be updated here, and I hope to attract more of our students, teachers and parents to the page, but also my very supportive network, some of whom have already given me the thumbs up. What I love about social media is that it brings so many people in, and I’m happy to see ex-students showing some interest in our new page. Thanks!