Winding up for the end of the year

So it’s a curious time of year when the regular pace and routine are disrupted by wonderful messy projects such as the year 9 city scavenger hunt, the year 9 city project (research/documentary), for the first time the year 10 Innovation Project which gives students the opportunity to make significant changes in the school, presenting to a panel of professionals to be shortlisted for the successful three teams – and lots of singing in between (LOTS of singing!)

I wanted to share some photos of this busy, happy time.

Year 9s waiting to watch the winning Melbourne documentaries.

The winners receiving their accolades.

In between all of this the library is a hub of old fashioned activity.


Games for people with tiny fingers.


Board games


Next Monday the library assistants and Writing Interest Group (WIG – formerly Competition Writing) are joining for a big party, The Madhatter’s Tea Party, to be precise.

And of course, there are always BOOKS!


The library is a verb: wondering, discussing, tinkering…

Image (3)

Curiosity can draw students in. Surprise them with something unexpected, provide no instructions, and you might attract a group of students asking questions, making assumptions, providing possibilities.

Makerspaces in the making. 

Image (2)

Student to me about the motherboard: Where did this come from? Did you put it here or did you come in this morning and just find it?

Me (looking up to the ceiling and raising my hands) ???

Image (1)


Image (4)

We are on our way to redefining the library space – not only as a place for books but also a place of wonder and tinkering.



Image (6)