Swimming Carnival 2017

Another great swimming carnival at the most beautiful sports venue in Melbourne.

Waterloo were the winners, followed by Yarra, Forrest, and Como. Well done everyone who participated in the events, and thank you also to those who helped out as martials, with photography, or cheering on your house in the stands.

Our friendly and hard-working officials.




MHS House Choral Competition 2016

It started with the traditional grilling. Assistant principal, Ms Pelissa Tsilimidos, did a great job.

And then the competition began: the choirs, the soloists, ensembles – all showcasing the talent and hard work of Melbourne High School students. Stage colours changed as the four houses did their best to impress the judges. It was a day of singing, harmonising, playing solo on a variety of instruments, baton waving and cheering.

A short interval to stretch the legs and recharge, and then the second half of the program.

Our staff number this year was a swaying selection of talented teachers singing ‘The lion sleeps tonight’, also featuring the Duke and a surprise guest appearance by ‘the lion’ (rumoured to be our principal, Mr Jeremy Ludowyke). Thank you to Ms Anne-Marie Brownhill for making this happen.

Melbourne High School boys are always up for a competition, regardless of whether it be sport, academics or music. When Waterloo was announced the winner, you would have thought you were at a sporting event. Listen for yourself.

We are so fortunate to host the Chorals Competition in the gorgeous Melbourne Town Hall.

It’s fantastic to see the whole school gathered for a much-loved musical event.

Sincere thanks go to everyone involved – in the weeks leading up to the day, and on the day itself. Thank you to the music staff, in particular, who inspire and train our boys to love music and take the lead in organising, arranging, conducting, etc. Melbourne High School is a wonderful example of what all schools could be in terms of recognising the importance of music and singing for all students. Thanks to  Mr Sloan for organising the event. Thank you to all parents and past students who came to support our students and enjoy the day.

Until next year.