Swimming Carnival 2017

Another great swimming carnival at the most beautiful sports venue in Melbourne.

Waterloo were the winners, followed by Yarra, Forrest, and Como. Well done everyone who participated in the events, and thank you also to those who helped out as martials, with photography, or cheering on your house in the stands.

Our friendly and hard-working officials.



Tea duelling/Michael Pryor visit/ Steampunk dress ups

What a day we had – Michael Pryor’s visit and workshop, the Reading Awards assembly, and our inaugural Tea Duelling event (see previous post for information). Thanks, Denise, for making this happen down to the smallest detail. We even had Mr Brown’s original Steampunk composition playing. Well done to all the boys who participated in the duelling heats. There wasn’t much jousting but there was plenty of nomming and splodging. (Tablecloths definitely need a wash now). And, of course, much biscuit dunking and tea drinking.

I apologise for the bad quality videos but I think they were not uploaded in high definition. Lots of photos too so be prepared to scroll down a lot. Thanks also to Ms Buckland for the Reading Awards and workshop. Thanks for coming and for being such a good sport, Michael.

The videos are not in heat order.

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music poster shaking hands

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We came, we played, we ate popcorn – BookWiz 2014

Our second ever MHS BookWiz was so much fun.

Full house, popcorn supplied, and 3 rounds of challenging book trivia – what more could you want? Thanks to Old Boy, Marcus Saunders, for being an awesome M.C., and to Ms Denise Beanland for organising the event and even purchasing the popcorn machine especially. This year the winning table of students thrashed the 2 teacher tables – that’s life. Thank you to all who came, including all teachers and assistant principals who took time out of their very busy schedules,to Mangala for scoring, to our volunteers, to the students who set up the microphone, and the library team for making sure everything ran smoothly.

Some photos of the event –

The winning team – fearless readers!

The crowd

 Teacher tables

Quite optimistic here

Not quite as optimistic later in the competition

Marcus and Pam Saunders

The Scores

Signing up for tables

The teams

The concentration

The best answer to Number 10  ‘Why doesn’t Hogwarts have a gym’

The disappointment

Thanks to all who made this a fantastic event. See you next year!







The word is …

…glaucoma. At least that was the last word given to the year 9 students at the annual spelling competition. It took 31 words to determine the winner of this year’s competition and the list included words such as odyssey, mezzanine, acqest, paediatrics, myxomatosis (that knocked a few out), penicillin and mortgage. The famous T29 lecture room was packed with supporters, cheering, clapping, yelling ”YES” and raising fists in the air when a particularly hard word was spelt correctly.

The event was conducted with the calm and careful pronunciation of each word by Ms Grimwade, who stressed that we were looking for the British/English spelling of each word. She gave the word, clearly repeated the word, gave a dictionary meaning and when requested used the word in a sentence or gave the word’s derivation. Mr Mahoney, as judge, kept track of each student’s attempts and sadly announced when a student had run out of lives; three words spelled incorrectly and the student had to exit the stage.

Well done Victor of 9B who came first, Kevin of 9M second and James of 9A third. It was a tough competition.

Now for the year 10 competition on Thursday.


photo (1)


Post by Pam Saunders


CBCA Book of the Year winners announced

The Children’s Book Council of Australia announced their Book of the Year winners today.

The winner in the Older Readers category is Fiona Wood with Wildlife.

16 year Sibylla embarks on the outdoor education program for the term at her high school, having recently transitioned from forgettable geek girl to newly cool model. With her on this ordeal are the reclusive new girl, Lou, and her new crush, the popular boy Ben. This book is their story of surviving not only the elements, but each other. Realistic and emotional.

While it is not a book we have in our collection at the moment, we do have the prequel, Six Impossible Things.

14 year old Dan’s world has been turned upside down: his dad announced he is gay, the family business has gone bankrupt, and he has a crush on his unattainable neighbour, Estelle. Exuberantly charming.  

In the spirit of the CBCA 2014 Book Week, Connect to Reading, Reading to Connect, I am recommending other great fiction titles based on the theme of: Geek Boy in search of Love

Another CBCA shortlisted book for 2014 is Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil.

Wannabe screen writer and hard-core gamer Sam is happily avoiding life until he meets new girl at school, Camilla. Camilla is the ultimate cool girl, she wears vintage clothes, is friendly to everyone, her dad is a music reviewer, and she’s into World of Warcraft. Quirky, cool and fun.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

Charlie is starting high school and is awkward, geeky and shy. He falls into friendship with free spirits who lead into finally having a go at life in the middle of the party. This story delves into some hard-hitting emotional issues, and is  not an easy read.

Looking for Alaska by John Green.

15 year old Miles decides he wants an adventure, and insists on attending the same boarding school his dad did. There he meets the infuriatingly troubled and teasing Alaska, and is hopelessly in love with her. Cool and smart teenage characters, story  packs a punch. 

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

Karou is an art student boarding in Prague, who comes from a family of mythological monsters. She falls in love with an angel, Akiva, and an epic and ancient battles ensues. Romeo and Juliet meets The Hunger Games. Awesome.

Look for for Mrs Saunders dressed as the main character Karou for the Book Week costume parade!

Characters step out of books and into our library – Dress-up day

The highlight of Book Week is Friday when teachers and students dress up as a literary character of their choice. This year was very disappointing in terms of student participation; unfortunately we clashed with Theatre Sports, a barbecue, Julian Burnside speaking to the students, and a Cadets camp. What a shame, although we appreciate the few students who took the trouble of dressing up, and I think the five of them enjoyed receiving a movie ticket as their prize. Well done, Mangala, for winning the student competition as Robin Hood.

We were not disappointed by the teachers’ efforts though. It would have been a very difficult choice with so many wonderful characters – were it not for the outstanding efforts of our Assistant Principal, Dr Janet Prideaux, and our Head of English, George Marotous, who stole the show as Nagg and Nell in Beckett’s Endgame. It was fantastic to have so many staff together in the library. Thank you to all who came, and to the library team for providing the food and pulling the whole thing together. Thanks also to the principal, Jeremy Ludowyke, for taking time out from a very busy schedule and joining us as Postman Pat (minus the black and white cat).

We were fortunate to have author/illustrator  Nicki Greenberg join us for our morning tea. Mr Blair Mahoney (J. Alfred Prufrock) had organised the visit, and invited Nicki to join us.

Here are some of the costumes –

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