Recess @MHS: a choreographed piece

We’re pretty busy at recess – as well as before school and during lunchtime. I used Instagram’s new app, Hyperlapse, to film a section of the library during recess. This was hand held – for 21 minutes.


Recess Melbourne High School Library from Tania Sheko on Vimeo.

Studying Shakespeare is a waste of time – student/staff debate

Almost as popular as the Spelling Competition at Melbourne High School are the staff/student debates. Today we were entertained and enlightened by the debate on the topic: Studying Shakespeare is a waste of time. Students argued on the negative side and staff on the affirmative side. My 16 GB ipad ran out of space several times, and I was able to film parts of speeches once I had deleted most of my apps. Apologies to Mr Blair Mahoney and Austin Bond, both 3rd speakers.


First speaker for the affirmative, Mrs Alex Grimwade

First speaker for the negative, Reece Hooker

Introducing second speaker for the affirmative, Mr Richard Edge

Second speaker for the affirmative, Mr Richard Edge

Introducing second speaker for the negative, Ali Alhamdani

Second speaker for the negative, Ali Alhamdani

Third speaker for the affirmative, Mr Blair Mahoney (small section)

Last part of Mr Mahoney’s speech

Third speaker for the negative, Austin Bond (first 12 seconds of his speech before I ran out of space again)

Third speaker for the negative, Austin Bond (last part of speech)

The student audience was huge! During lunch!!

Parade of literary characters

Today is the final day of Book/Literature Week. We had the best time. Thanks to all teachers and students who dressed up creatively. Enjoy the photos.

Choosing prizes – books and print credit. The print credit was a hit!

Miss Havisham

Captain Hook

The winner of the teacher costume




Saucepan Man from The Magic Faraway Tree


Word sport – Year 10 spelling finals at Melbourne High School

Spelling at Melbourne High is a sport. Watch.

The clincher

This awesome event was brought to you by Mr Blair Mahoney and Ms Alex Grimwade.

What would the event be without the audience?





We came, we played, we ate popcorn – BookWiz 2014

Our second ever MHS BookWiz was so much fun.

Full house, popcorn supplied, and 3 rounds of challenging book trivia – what more could you want? Thanks to Old Boy, Marcus Saunders, for being an awesome M.C., and to Ms Denise Beanland for organising the event and even purchasing the popcorn machine especially. This year the winning table of students thrashed the 2 teacher tables – that’s life. Thank you to all who came, including all teachers and assistant principals who took time out of their very busy schedules,to Mangala for scoring, to our volunteers, to the students who set up the microphone, and the library team for making sure everything ran smoothly.

Some photos of the event -

The winning team – fearless readers!

The crowd

 Teacher tables

Quite optimistic here

Not quite as optimistic later in the competition

Marcus and Pam Saunders

The Scores

Signing up for tables

The teams

The concentration

The best answer to Number 10  ‘Why doesn’t Hogwarts have a gym’

The disappointment

Thanks to all who made this a fantastic event. See you next year!







The word is …

…glaucoma. At least that was the last word given to the year 9 students at the annual spelling competition. It took 31 words to determine the winner of this year’s competition and the list included words such as odyssey, mezzanine, acqest, paediatrics, myxomatosis (that knocked a few out), penicillin and mortgage. The famous T29 lecture room was packed with supporters, cheering, clapping, yelling ”YES” and raising fists in the air when a particularly hard word was spelt correctly.

The event was conducted with the calm and careful pronunciation of each word by Ms Grimwade, who stressed that we were looking for the British/English spelling of each word. She gave the word, clearly repeated the word, gave a dictionary meaning and when requested used the word in a sentence or gave the word’s derivation. Mr Mahoney, as judge, kept track of each student’s attempts and sadly announced when a student had run out of lives; three words spelled incorrectly and the student had to exit the stage.

Well done Victor of 9B who came first, Kevin of 9M second and James of 9A third. It was a tough competition.

Now for the year 10 competition on Thursday.


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Post by Pam Saunders